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10 Best Reasons to Visit Bali

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Indonesia is a country blessed with more than 17,000 beautiful islands but Bali is the renowned destination that still shines the most when it comes to tourism. Who doesn’t love Bali? A destination that secures top position among tourist list. Bali has plenty of reasons to visit whether you’re in love with dazzling beaches or captivating culture, mesmerizing natural beauty, down-to-earth lifestyle, exotic weather, rich heritage, world-class surfing and great food. Millions of tourist fascinate towards this favorite island every year. The absence of skyscrapers and tall buildings allow ample of sunlight and beautiful blue skies all year round. Let us shed light on some of the best reasons to visit Bali with cheap flights this year!

10 Reasons will Inspire You

  1. The Exotic Beaches: Bali has long list of dazzling beaches and each one of them has its own charm to captivate tourists. You can enjoy palm-fringed white sand beaches with turquoise water on the island like Nusa, Kuta, Dua and Sanur as well as cliff-guarded ‘hidden’ shores of Padang Padang, Bingin, Uluwatu and Dreamland. Some of Bali beaches features stunning black sands on the western and northern shores along with sluggish unobstructed bays in-between. Besides the bewitching view, Bali beaches are world widely famous for surfing. Every surfer and surf lovers at least surf once on amazing waves of Bali. For beginners the best spots are Jimbaran, Canggu and Seminyak. Uluwatu is also a perfect place to surf. Surfing boards are easily available on the beaches at very cheap rates.
  2. Sun-kissed Bali all around the year: Bali is an island that presents its visitors a perfect weather to admire and enjoy and when it comes to bright days, no other city can beat the tropical Island of Bali. The temperature mostly stays between 20 and 30 Celsius making it impeccable for the tourists to wander all by their hearts. May to September is dry season so if you did not like really humid and moist weather then these months are for you.
  3. Hospitality that makes you to stay forever in Bali: Balinese are not racists and welcome everyone and anyone to their homeland. When you enter Bali, you will feel the love of its native towards you. Balinese are helping and modest in guiding you whenever you need it. If you requisite to have a Balinese friend or two then trust me, the task ain’t difficult to accomplish.   
  4. Surf your heart out: Bali has stunning beaches so are very picture-perfect for the surfers to live their aqua life all by their hearts. Diving, surfing, boating and many other water fun activities are ready for the water-lovers to experience and admire. Travelers can experience the best surfing spots around the southern coasts and Bukit peninsula.
  5. The Magical Temples: though the island presents an example of utmost modernity and modesty but still Bali has kept its legacy. The Island has awe-inspiring temples and magnificent tombs that will make you to praise the old architecture abilities of the ancient architects. If you are interested to witness a masterpiece of construction then no other temple is better than ‘mother temple’ of Besakih.
  6. Buy all what you want: it may sounds astounding but Bali is inexpensive. Usually and mostly the cities that are on the top ranking of receiving tourism are very expensive like New York where you have to think first before buying anything. However, that is not the case in Bali; you can afford almost anything and everything that you want to purchase in the city because everything comes within your budget. The accommodation, car rental, dining, things to do and shopping, all is cheap in Bali Indonesia. Though most of the things are cut-rated enough not to argue about price but if you still want to get even cheaper, bargaining is the best solution.
  7. Balinese cuisine: Balinese cuisine is one of finest cuisines in the world and every tourist that has voyaged a city or two knows it. Balinese flavors are competent enough to beat any other cuisine’s flavors across the world. A heaven for the foodies, Balinese meals are delicious and the best part is, they come to you at very low rates. Tofu, coconut milk red rice and tempeh are the highlights.
  8. Never ending nights: nights of Bali never sleeps! When you are done with all day fun and satisfy your eager to eat something delicious at a finest restaurant, its time to make your night little sparky. A paradise for the party-lover, Bali endeavors all the fun that you want. For the best party zone visit Kuta which is the party capital of the island.
  9. Shopping Hub: from street stalls to luxurious shopping malls, Bali endeavors the best when it comes to shopping. A wonderland for shopaholics, Bali bestows gold ornaments, casual to formal clothing, trendy stores selling handicrafts, some traditional decors, amazing silver jewelry and a lot more. Malls and shops in Kuta and Seminyak Flea never fails to impress the tourists. Here is the advice, when you go to tour Bali, make sure to leave some extra space in your luggage as you will bring even more than you think from here.

Nature affluence: Bali is rich in natural beauty and along with its stunning beaches, there is a lot more natural to admire while being in Bali. The showery cascades, amazing mountain range, turquoise lakes, tea plantation terraces, foliage and glorious sunsets makes the Island picturesque for a photographer. Bali serves as a dream location for the tourists who are always in search for something realistic and most proximal to the nature.

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