10 Inspirational House Painting Colors Trending For 2019

10 Inspirational House Painting Colors Trending For 2019

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Does your house color look dull? It can be due to the various environmental factors. Paint loses its shine and smoothness with the passage of time. To bring back the new look you need to paint it again. Paint is the best thing that helps you to enhance the look of your entire house. Selecting the right color can be a very difficult job because people get confused during the selection. 2019 has started and most of the people will be planning to add colors on their property.

You have to pick the best color to paint your room or to paint your accent wall for creating an interest in your desired room. In the following blogs, we will be looking at the ten best trending colors to pick for your house:

1-Lilac Gray

Dove gray is one of the classic paint colors that you can choose for your property. It is one of the best options that you can choose as a modern alternative for neutral paint colors. This color will help you to make the room warmer, cheery, and it is gender neutral. Most of the interior designer prefer the different shades of the gray for the house who want a refreshing look. To get this color painted nicely in your room, call Cape Cod house painters for a smooth finish painting. The painters are experienced and are aware of the latest trends. They will tell you about the best trending colors in the market so that you can pick the one from the list.


The inviting and warm shade of the hazelnut never goes out of style. It will look good with your furnishing style as well to make the overall look better. To use the hazelnut, you should do a quick survey of your house. Visit every room and see which corner of room needs to brighten up. The different shades of hazelnut will bounce the light off to make your room look bigger and bright at the same time.

3-Muted Pastels

The pastel shades in muted and chalky tones are best to get a soothing appeal. This color gives a perfect vibe for gender neutrality room along with areas like bathroom and kitchen. Furthermore, the muted pastel will provide a warm drop back for a minimalistic design of the area.

You can use this hue by adding a dramatic backsplash in complementary tones for your kitchen. This will make your kitchen more attractive as compared to the standard white and black design.

4-Soft Clay

If you are a person, who is looking to get wanderlust and earthy spirit, then this soft clay paint color is the right option for you. This color act as the best alternative for the browns and beiges. Think about the shades of clove, terra cotta, caramel, and burnt orange because they provide more personality than any other neutral color. Paint not only give a new look to your interior but also exterior of your property. Hire experienced exterior painters to paint your property.

5-Mustard Color

Looking to get a pop of color that serves as an alternative for the gold? To fulfill your desire, mustard color is all you need for the walls of your house. This color provides rich focal accents that makes it a best choice for trim and accent walls. For creating proactive depth in your area, you should choose muted and moody mustard colors.

6-Mist Color

This color has come from a blend of muted pastel blue and green with lilac and gray undertone. This color trend as a blank canvas for décor of all the styles and colors. It gives a starting point as compared to the standard white, beiges, along with muted pastels. Moreover, the misty hue will cover blemishes with ease. To get better results in terms of painting, you should contact skilled painting contractors to make your property elegant.

7-New Blues

For traditional yet casual look the ice blue, charcoal blue, gray-blue, or a pale powder blue are some of the great options for you. You get an endless amount of blue paint color ideas for your house. This color will work best for remain soothing and spare to prevent usage of dark hues that make a room smaller and darker.

8-Dark Greens

It is officially called “Night Watch”. It is one of the trending colors that is more preferred as compared to the rich hunter green in the 90s. This color can lift your mood and provide a healing power of nature in your home. It is one of the strong foundation hues to be used in the house. The color like hunter or bottle green color ideas will be best for the well-lit and large rooms. If you are planning to paint your walls with color, then you should get interior house painting services from the professional companies.


Looking for an alternative color other than white to paint your walls? The pewter paint color act as a great alternative for the white walls due to its rich perfect gray-beige look. You can’t underestimate this color because it is one of the trending colors in the market. This can be used in every room because it will work fine with everything and everywhere.

10-Mushroom Color

Looking to get a gender-neutral look for your room? This mushroom color is a great update to the 70’s era mousy brown and rust paint. This color is best for gender-neutral look. It is unique and timeless in appeal. This hue color is great with all natural furnishing.
Hope you will like these trending colors and will choose them for your house. Planning to paint your property? You should contact professional companies to get Cape Cod exterior paint services. The expert designers and trained crew will paint your house in a nice way to make it new. They will listen to your desire and then will tell you about the best color that will suit your property.

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