10 Summer Beauty Tips for Your Skin, Hair and Lips

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Beauty tips for summer

Now, summer is around the corner. It is essential to take care of your delegate skin from the harsh weather. We tend to overlook our actual needs of our body especially our face and hair.

Here are 10 beauty tips that you should follow during the summer to protect your skin from the heat and for making your skin more smooth, shiny and plumy.

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a needy thing that you must put in your bag in summer.

Check the SPF to suit in summer sun according to your city. Apply the sunscreen on your skin at least 20 minutes before you step out. So it soaks into your skin and protects your skin from being tanned.

2. Protective hair mask

The strong summer can also harm your hair. The heat and the humid makes the greasy mixture which is can cause your scalp to sweat profusely. Shampooing can dry your hair hence hair mask can help you to get rid of the oil.

3. Hair spray

After spending the money on hair spray, you must also invest in a hairspray. Hair tends to become frizzy and curly in summer and the best way to keep them shiny and fresh is to use of hairspray.

4. Nourishing toner

Regularly nourishing your face can keep the cracks away. Applying glycerin on your face can maintain the pH balance of your skin.

5. Cleanser

In summer, our face gets oily and pollution even after some time of stepping out of the house. The cleanse will help to remove all the dirt from your face.

6. Lip balm

Your lips get dry easily in summer. Their thinnest skin needs special care. That’s why apply the lip balm with SPF.  Carry a lip balm in your bag and apply it when you feel.

7. Anti-aging creams

In summer, we all used to wear short dresses that just make skin dry and because your skin is getting direct heat that is why using the anti-aging cream.

8. Scrubs

Summer dust can fill your pores with dirt that will make your skin dull. Use a suitable scrub to clean your body.

9. Deodorant

You should also keep deodorant in your bag to keep yourself fresh and sweat-free. I personally like to keep two deodorant in my bag but it just up to you which one you like keep that one.

10. Moisturizing mask

Moisturize your face by the moisturizing mask to keep your skin nourished.


Maybe, you are using the wrong the wrong product for like a long time. These were the various things that help us to save our skin from the Ultra-violent skin.

Hope you liked the article and maybe it helped you in any way.

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