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2019’s Seasonal Checklist on Healthy Vision & Eyesight

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We’re in the final month of Q1 for 2019 and this year, the world stands united and vote in favour of healthy eyesight. With all the rage of digital devices, maintaining optimum eye health is crucial yet challenging since ‘digitalisation’ defines the future of the world and almost everyone’s highly exposed to devices or glued to the screen; either for fun or work. Let’s have a look at different promises per the four seasons to keep your eye health to the fullest.


  • Healthy Eating

No doubt, holidays can surely overcome your promise to a healthy diet but this year; try something different by including leafy green vegetables, fruits and omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking is harmful to every organ of the human body other than just the lungs. Chain smokers are four-times likely to go blind in old age so this year, say goodbye to the habit for good.

  • Cosmetic Surgery

Only after doctor’s recommendation however, this year, say goodbye to droopy eyes and regain the younger look and better vision with the latest cosmetic eye surgery process.


  • Allergy Relief

Seasonal allergies can be quite annoying since they can give you a runny nose, watery, red and swollen eyes and thus foggy vision with stinging pain in case the condition gets worse. For someone already suffering from dry eye syndrome Dubai, seasonal allergies can be quite a nuisance. Always take precautions and consult the doctor ahead of the seasonal change to avoid being a victim.

  • Eyewear Upgrade

Whether for vision improvement or fashion; step up with a trendy eyewear this spring but be sure to go with the design and glasses recommended by your eye doctor for maximum safety.


  • Sun Protection

Ultraviolet light rays from the sun are harmful to the eyes and the intensity is twice in summer season as compared to winter which means now is the time to consult your doctor and ask for the most suitable, multipurpose sunglasses that protects the eye from harmful UV rays as well as improves the vision.

  • Water Protectant Eyewear

Whether dipping in the pool, hitting the beach or jumping into a running lake, your normal eyeglasses can be ruined which is why wearing special water protectant eyewear is important this summer so you can bust the heat in style.

  • Eye Exams

Be sure to go for a detailed eye exam of yourself and your children this summer as the season brings along many different eye allergens that can harm your vision, so take all precautionary measures.


  • A Shut-Eye Session

When spending too much time on the screen be it work or for fun, remember to take intermittent breaks in between by shutting down the eyes for a few seconds or minutes thereby reducing the computer vision syndrome. This is particular for patients already diagnosed with dry eye syndrome.

  • Stay Hydrated

Fall season is known best for hot drinks such as coffee, tea and cocoa so on but none can substitute water so be sure to keep your body properly hydrated else there’s a risk of macular degeneration and many other diseases.

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