3 Questions to Ask When Buying All-Season Tires

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Do you live in an area with a frequently changing weather? The All-Season tires are the best choice to get along with.

Normally, people who live in the areas with changing weather pattern often have to change the tires to have a safe ride in every season. Perhaps that’s the reason why the tire manufacturing companies have tried to come up with just the perfect solution. Enter All-Season Tires! Here comes a sigh of relief for all those motorists who are fed up of that inconvenience of visiting the tire shop every season to get the new set and spend a huge amount four times a year.

Fortunately, you can now place all-season tires so that you can drive all year round in different weather conditions without having to wonder about the tire replacement for each season. Here’re a few questions about tires that every car owner should know. So let’s dive in;

How are tires categorized? By vehicle type or driving conditions!

Well, both are equally important. The major tire types are all-season, highway, traction and winter. For people living in a warm climate receiving occasional rain, highway or all-season tires are a good choice. Buying snow-rated tires would make more sense in case you spend much of the winter up mountains in the far north of the region. All-terrain tires are suitable for those weekend warriors as these tires are specially designed to handle year-round driving needs.

Other specialty tires for vehicles like trucks, Jeeps and other SUVs that are specifically designed for off-roading and driving in the mud. A knowledgeable tire dealer would always ask the right questions so that he can suggest the right set of car tyre depending on your specific uses & budget.

What Do I have to know about the warranty?

In tires, there’s a huge variety available out there, but the details of their warranties are crucial in the long run. Even if you are able to spot the tires with good ratings successfully, there’re still significant differences in the warranty.

Typically, the rate of defects is extremely low. But in case you stumble upon any, it’ll be covered by the manufacturer. Alongside, many other features of the warranty are also covered by the dealer. For better knowhow, see what’s included in a good warranty;

  • Ask for the Length of coverage like how long you’ll be covered.
  • Workmanship & materials guarantee. In this, the tire, quality of installation and repairs will be covered.
  • Maintenance guarantee such as regular inspections for wear, Flat repairs, tire rotations & rebalancing for free.
  • Road hazard coverage means the tire value is covered in case you hit a pothole and it’s damaged beyond repair.

How the tires affect fuel economy?

Every car owner is concerned about the fuel economy. So just make sure you choose the tires that offer optimal fuel efficiency. Giants of the industry said, drivers can see 15% to 20% difference in fuel economy, depending on which model and type tires they choose. Most of all, proper inflation of your tires is extremely important. So just ensure that the tires are inflated as per manufacturer’s recommended and it’ll add up to smooth drive while providing fuel economy.

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