4 Types of Creative BlocksCreative Blocks

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Are you a creative person? Are you know what is creative blocks? Then a creative block is not a new concept for you. If you haven’t yet experienced it, chances are you are near to experience the frustrations when you have it. It is a time when your creative flow is blocked, and you require inspiration to think of something new to overcome it. For a creative professional, a creative block isn’t just frustrating—it has the potential to destroy careers. When you rely on your original thoughts to pay the bills, you cannot afford to be short on your ideas and the energy to breathe life into them. 

However, nit all creative blocks are equal! Different creative blocks require special solutions to overcome them. So without ado, let’s discuss the four types of creative blocks.

1. The mental block 

Being a creative person means having the ability to look at the world in a different way. Thinking and perceiving everything in a different way or, as the writers call it, the ability to read between the lines of the particular text. During a mental block, you are trapped in your own thoughts and limit your approach in a familiar way. A way out of this block is to assume various perspectives to make your way out. Go somewhere new or watch something different to freshen up your mind and let the creative thoughts break through the barrier. 

2. Overwhelm

Sometimes a creative block can occur when you have too much on your plate. Consider this: you are a freelance animator working on a video animation and have to meet the deadline. However, you are overwhelmed with the demands and information given by the client. You feel paralyzed and are unable to come up with a decent idea or perhaps find any inspiration, to begin with, the process. To overcome this situation, you need to start organizing your thought process and have a focused work schedule to complete the project in the given time. 

3. Communication breakdown

Creative blocks can happen between people due to the lack of communication. If you work in a team, the tension is unavoidable, which can make it difficult to put forward your best ideas. Sometimes, you get a creative block by the impressions of the viewer’s imagining that your work may be booed by the people and critics. To overcome this situation, you need to understand and influence the right people. This means you need to be at the top of your marketing and networking skills to succeed. 

4. Work habits 

Maybe the way you work is not compatible with your creative process. You work in the morning or at night, or you don’t have the right system to take away those mundane tasks from the work process, which is interfering with your work task. To make sure it doesn’t make effective your productivity, you need to take a step back and take a look at how you are working and maybe affecting your process. Get organized with your work task and organize your workplace, so you are not overwhelmed with the workplace. There are no hard and fast rules that are must follow, but you need to set a standard of working to do the right work. 

Struggling with a creative block is never fun; however, it is something that every creative person does once in a lifetime. Next time if you are feeling stuck during your work, you must find a way out to overcome the block and let those creative juices flow. Take a hike, read a book, or change your work station to find inspiration to produce out of the box ideas.

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