5 of the best street food around the world

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Imagine you planned a trip and had a blast over there but you completely had no ideas what to eat and completely missed out the best street food over there. Yeah, that might be a good reason to get upset about but we got you. Just make sure you go through the article and make sure that you won’t miss out anything in this department.

We know how much you guys enjoy food so we wanted to share with you some of the most interesting and best street foods we found around the world. There is no something special about exploring the world and learning about different cultures through food although we think that you can learn about the culture from the food by the food stand outside by ordering an incredibly expensive meal on top of the glass. If you are traveling the world watch out for these ten street foods.

#1. Tacos and Tostadas in Mexico

Whenever you visit Mexico, make sure you try the authentic tacos and tostadas. While tacos are soft and tostadas, which means toasted is shaped into a small flat disk until crisp. They are both made of soft or hard shell corn or wheat tortillas and then rolled around to the filling. The filling variety has pretty much no end. The options including from refried beans, guacamole salsa and cheese to lighter seafood options like shrimp, ceviche and be prepared to get messy because you won’t have any cutlery. You can easily order this food online using Zomato Offer Code with great discounts.

They have to be eaten with your own pretty hands but around one to two dollar a serving; it is nothing to complain about.

#2. Souvlaki and pita bread in Greece

Souvlaki is a dish consist of meat and vegetables grilled in a skewer and can be eaten directly from the skewer or simply as a side dish. It can also be put into the bread which is a leavened wheat bread either round or oval and flat. Pita bread is one of the best to try it with when you get hungry in Greece with a lot of options to choose from.

You can either go for pork, beef, chicken or even swordfish. As toppings you can use onion, lettuce and many others. Everything will cost you around $6 per serving so it is a delicious meal at a low price.

#3. Baguette sandwiched in France

You have got to be an idiot if you eat generic hotel breakfast when you are in France for the same money you can go into a corner shop and pick up some fresh cheese and baguette sandwich made especially for you and who has not heard of the famous French baguette, really tasty and healthy at the same time so the guest commute found pretty much anywhere response from roadside schools and bakeries to upscale restaurants.

The long neck of bread and its crisp crust are cut in half and it can contain almost anything. The French usually prefer to put just pate or creamy cheese. For the continental breakfast in France offer a wide range of fillings including butter and jam.

#4. Simit bread and Kokorec in Turkey

There are a lot of delicious foods in Turkey but two of them considered most popular are the Simit bread and Kokorec bread. The simit bread is usually eaten for breakfast and it is kind of a big bagel and covered in sesame seeds or sometimes in poppy seeds.

The Kokorec is a dish made of lamb or goat intestines oftenb wrappings heart, lungs or kidneys. The ingredients with lemon oil, salt and pepper put into a long skewer. I know this does not sound tasty but it is amazing. It will give you the opportunity to talk to the locals.

The meat food is served in a piece of flat bread or in a baguette.

#5. Currywurst in Germany

Our next stop is in Germany. Whenever you visit Germany, just keep the thing on the top of your head to try their famous currywurst, a standout amongst the best road nourishments around the globe. The cheap food dish is made of steamed and fricasseed pork frankfurter that can be either entire or once in a while cut into cuts. Also, you can order this dish online form your favourite restaurant using Foodpanda Offers with discount.

This is topped with tomato sauce with curry powder or curry ketchup. It is a famous takeaway food or on the children’s menu, the currywurst is usually served with French fries or bread rolls. Just imagine how popular they are, it is estimated that around 800 million currywursts are eaten every year in Germany and 70 million in Berlin alone so make sure you try it. People must love it for a reason also you are going to want a German beer while you have it.

Now you know what you will be eating on your next trip.

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