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5 Reasons Food Trucks Gained Popularity This Century


In the youth of the Baby Boomers and Generation X, food trucks were strictly known as the local ice cream truck. They tended to be a basic truck with a window and freezers for the product. These trucks would drive down residential streets with a merry tune to attract customers. That was then. Now, the food truck and concession trailer industry are booming.

Mobile eateries are on the fast track to becoming a $1-billion-dollar industry, and custom food trucks and concession trailers now offer a wide variety of menu items. These vehicles have more specific needs for equipment than just a few freezers. There are many reasons for the popularity of mobile food businesses and it’s not likely to slow down any time soon. The following are just five of the many reasons food trucks have gained popularity during this century.

1. Recession Positive for the Industry.

Almost every statistic site agrees that in 2008, the food truck and concession trailer industry really took off into what it is today. A negative for the economy had many restaurants shutting down and a lot of people once employed were stuck figuring out how to bring in an income. Loans to start your own restaurant were not easily attained. But a custom food truck and concession trailer was, and is, more affordable. The mobile food industry provided income for the new business owners and better food options for people who couldn’t afford to eat out as much.

2. Food Truck & Concession Trailer Vendors Offer More.

Restaurants typically keep a stable menu and location. That’s great for locals who are regulars. Having a custom food truck or concession trailer, however, offers more menu flexibility and go to the customers. They can be rented for special occasions, they can join with others for “Food Truck Invasion” events and they can mix up their food offerings to create a different experience. Because of their mobility, they benefit from fairs, traveling events and events across town, in another city or out of town. They offer more to more people.

3. Ordinances are Changing to Benefit Food Trucks.

Before, the laws of various cities pertained to brick and mortar businesses. A restaurant cannot build in city parks, residential areas, or other restricted areas. Many custom food truck and concession trailer business owners have spent massive amounts of time and patience working with cities across the United States to change the ordinances and allow mobile food vendors to obtain permits where they once were not allowed.

In July 2018, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal online reported, “Lubbock’s City Council on Thursday gave initial approval to an ordinance that would allow food trucks in city parks.”.  There are still restrictions for having the permit but now they have the freedom to go into the park.

Not every city has changed. It would benefit food truck and concession trailer owners to work with their local zoning agencies to recognize the difference between a brick and mortar restaurant and mobile food business.

4. Restaurants and Franchises Have Joined the Boom.

Concession Nation, a manufacturer of custom food trucks and concession trailers in South Florida, has built trucks for Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Charley’s Grilled Subs, PFS-Champs Chicken, Yum Brands, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Pita Pit, to name a few.

“Custom food trucks and concession trailers have added revenue by way of catering outdoor events, marketing on the road and much more for existing restaurants and franchises. They see the financial benefits and are growing the industry even more,” says Monica Gonzalez, Chief Financial Officer, Concession Nation, Inc.

5. Custom Food Trucks and Concession Trailers Offer a New Experience.

Weddings, family reunions, corporate events and much more are seeking to add experience to their gatherings. Food trucks and concession trailers are giving them that next level experience. They add better food options than the standard chicken, fish or beef with a potato and a vegetable. Additionally, custom food trucks and concession trailers allow catering options to venues that don’t have that option for their customers.

Food trucks and concession trailers have come a long way from the ice cream man driving up and down the roadways. They offer high-quality food options, mobility in location, and starting such a business is much more affordable than a brick and mortar restaurant. These are the reasons this industry is growing and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Concession Nation is a food truck industry leader and uses their blog to share insight on the concession trailer and food truck industry and customer success stories. They’ve been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, the Food Network, and the Cooking Channel. Would you like to join the booming business popularity of owning your own food truck or concession trailer? Concession Nation is available for free consultations for building your own custom food truck or concession trailer today. Call (888) 390-4479 or visit them online at Concession Nation

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