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6 kinds of Indian Handicrafts Which are a Must-Buy

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From time immemorial, the lands of the Indian subcontinent have featured some of the finest art skills. These art skills are the legacies that are transferred from generation to generation. Withstanding the time, the beauty of these art skills have not faded, they are still as appealing as they were in yesteryears. Indian Handicrafts is one such thing that has made this land ranked amongst the top countries rich in art and culture. ‘

The land houses several artisans that have proved their skills from time to time. With each passing day, their crafted pieces are earning more fame for the country all across the globe. These Indian Handicrafts are loved and cherished worldwide. Not only are they environmentally sustainable, but a major source of revenue for many artisans and craftsmen from rural lands.

So, for this post, we are listing some of the best kinds of Indian handicrafts that are popular worldwide. Each one of them reflects the rich culture of the country and yet has its own distinctive charm of the state it is built in. So continue with the post to know more about these varied kinds of Indian Handicrafts:


Jute crafts look classic. These beauties are perfect to add the vintage flair to any space. Don’t worry; it is no behind in adding contemporary charms too. That is one reason that Jute craftsmen have made a special place in the field of Indian Handicrafts.

The good thing is there is a whole deck of things available like office stationeries which forms the ideal corporate gifts, bags, footwear, jewelry, wall hangings and a lot more. Jute Handicrafts from India are popular across all the countries of the globe. You can often see people from foreign lands buying these beautiful Indian handicrafts for their perfection.


Pashmina Shawls are considered to be one of the finest of Indian Handicrafts. Pashmina is a superior type of wool and its textiles are woven in Kashmir primarily. Cashmere wool which is considered one of the finest types of wool is the source of which the shawl is made which is later hand processed entirely. The team of dedicated artisans and craftsmen carry the entire process of combing, spinning, weaving and finishing. The whole process is entirely carried out by hand.

These beauties come in vibrant colors and often have exquisite embroidery on them. The soft texture and rich look makes it a must buy of Indian handicrafts. Don’t worry; the shawl is enough to keep you warm too.


You will surely be astounded to see the leather skills of the country’s local artisans as they are carrying the tradition from generations. This is one of the beauties of Indian handicrafts that many of it is forms are nothing but the legacy passed on from one generation to next.

In the yesteryears, the leather is not just used for making footwear and clothes, but it was quite popular in making caps, saddles, bags, shields, etc. Leathercraft one of the finest type of Indian handicraft has earned its recognition worldwide. Be it the Kohlapuri chappals of Maharashtra or the leather items like bags and shoes of Madhya Pradesh, these beauties will surely make a way to your heart.


The northern region of India boasts the legacy of exquisite woodwork. Beautiful northern India is carrying the legacy of the woodwork. Of Indian Handicrafts, the woodwork has their special place. Be it the artefacts made of walnut trees in the city of Kashmir or the wooden crafts and sculptures made by artisans in Chhattisgarh, you will all be left with a “WOW” over just one sight.

This is not just it. Woodwork is the whole segment in Indian Handicrafts. Wood carvings which showcase the beautiful blend of Portuguese and Indian culture are from the beautiful land of Goa. These wooden craving often forms beautiful decor for your office space. So if you’re looking for something exquisite for corporate gift, you know where to find it. Other than this, Madurai city of India is renowned for its rosewood carvings which are again one of the finest of Indian handicrafts.


One of the best features that distinguish the Indian Handicrafts from others is its capability to withstand the time. Defining the same at its best is our next pick which is Brass Handicrafts. The metal is popular for its durability and that makes it one of the top-picks for Handicrafts.

Figures of Lord Ganesha beautifully carved in Brass, Vases, Perforated lamps, table tops, glasses and many more are some of the products available. You can see these things used to date in many Indian households. Rajasthan which is the land of royals hosts the manufacturing of brass handicrafts majorly. The artisans involved in creating these masterpieces from brass are called “Kansaris”.


One of the best things about Handicrafts is that they are eco-friendly. And when we talk about environmental sustainability, Brass handicrafts are the most eco-friendly amongst all Indian handicrafts. West Bengal and Assam are the regions which are predominantly engaged in crafting these beauties.

There are so many items you can find that are made from bamboo. Some of these bamboo crafts are furniture, dolls, baskets, mats, etc. If you’re thinking of getting your loved ones something eco-friendly and mesmerising for their home decor, you can get those wall hangings, jewelry boxes, etc made of bamboo. As mentioned earlier, every handcrafted product is distinctive and unique in its own way. So that makes it something unique, beautiful, eco-friendly, durable, meaningful and … the list can go on and on.

With so many options, we are pretty sure that you are all overwhelmed to know more about these varied kinds of treasures of Indian Handicrafts. You can buy it for yourself and even gift them to your loved ones. The good thing is they are now available online and you can easily order them with few clicks.

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