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6 Vital Tips For Law Firm Website Development


A business website is just as important as a traditional brick and mortar store. The success of a website depends on how good its website design is. Its usability and adaptability, more than its visual design, determines the success of the website. A good website design is more critical for the business than it is thought of. It’s not about how good it looks like but how good it works. A simple looking, well structured website with great usability, performs very well. These attributes of a website holds true for all businesses and it is no different for law firm website design.

Whether it’s a small firm with one or two lawyers or a large firm with multiple locations and lots of attorneys, a good website design makes for a great marketing tool for the business.

How to develop a law firm website

Building a successful website for a law firm can be a tough job. The website should be robust and be able to attract customers and generate more leads for the firm. While designing a legal website, the first thing is to understand is who your potential clients are and then speak to them in a way that they will understand and engage with. Here are some points to remember in law firm website development

1. Create A Simple And Responsive Website

A simple, responsive website with easy to navigate features works well for law firms. It not only makes the website appealing, but also help users to navigate from one page to another seamlessly.  A responsive design ensures that the website can scale to different resolutions- from large screens to mobiles so that it allows people on the go to get information on a specific attorney or practice area, or to click- to-call the firm.

2. Include Multiple Criteria Based Attorney Search

One of the primary objectives of a website is to make available to the people, the information they seek. In a law firm website, especially for larger law firms with multiple locations, visitors look for their specific practice area and try to find an attorney in their location. Easy to use tools on the website help visitors find an attorney in their desired practice area and location.

3. Display Contact Information Prominently

Availability of contact information in law firm website is very important. A website should always give users several ways to quickly get in touch with them. No matter what page they might be, they shouldn’t have to look far to find the contact information they need. Some of the ways to do this are general enquiries contact form, phone numbers on the website header, email addresses of individual attorneys. Users should be given the flexibility to contact you how and want the need to.

4. Invest In Content Creation And Blog

Like any other industry, leading law firms use content marketing to build their brand, attract new clients and grow their business. All good law firm websites have and maintain blogs. Content marketing, through valuable and relevant content creation, is a good way to attract, engage and eventually convert your target audience into clients.

5. Devise A Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing strategy is one of the most power tools at your disposal. Businesses are battling it out to make sure their social media accounts are the best. Lawyers are also not left out of this situation. According to a research, 45% of all website traffic for law firms is generated through social media sites such as linkedin facebook and twitter.

A law firm website should always include links to the social media accounts of its individual attorneys. If a law firm engages with its clients on its own social media account, then links to the same should also be provided on the website.

6. Include Client Testimonials And Review Pages

Much of law firm’s success in getting new clients depends on referrals and word of mouth. It, therefore, makes huge sense to have a client testimonial or a review page on the website. It is the most clicked section on law firm website.


Keeping the above principles of good website design, you can easily develop an aesthetic and functional website. Without this foundation it would be difficult to walk a long path. To wrap it up, the law firm website design should be simple, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.

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