7 Fun and Wonderful Birthday Party Theme for Kids

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Kids love getting their birthdays celebrated, they are so excited for their birthday because of party decor, cutting of a wonderful cake, inviting friends and also a birthday dress. Birthdays are something that comes just once in the whole year so you definitely have to make it big especially when your child is still a kid. Once they will get older, they will manage on their own but till the time they are small it is your responsibility to give them grand birthday party. Thus here we are with 7 fun and wonderful birthday party theme for kids.

Unicorn theme

Trust me your daughter would love this theme as almost every girl is mad over this magical bright coloured one horned horse like creature. The party place can be decorated in hues of pink, purple and glitter to do justice to the theme. You can also order the macaroons and cake in unicorn theme. Get a unicorn costume for your girl and dress her up beautifully that she will feel like she is herself a unicorn. You can lay around white balloons and flowers. Get a horn like mask for all the little friends of your child.

Emoji Party

Emoticons are so much trending these days. People love these smiling yellow emojis, so this year has it as your child’s theme party. You can get emoji themed balloons or pillows and make the room decor out of it. You can pick a specific emoji for the cake. You can ask all the guests to dress in yellow color and also keep the emoji masks to have wonderful pictures of the party. It would be fun to have emoji faced pizza as food for the party or playing pinning the emoji game at the party. Send birthday cake online to your loved ones and wish them a very happy birthday.

Pokemon Party

Every kid drools over various pokemons as they are cute, fierce and adorable. Every kid watches this cartoon and so are even aware of the various pokemons. You can get Pokemon outfits for all the invited kids and dress them up as pokemon. Engage yourself in some crafts and make paper cut outs of different pokemons. You can get customised pokemon faced balloons and also order a pokemon themed cake and surprise your child. For party favours you can get pokemon themed stationery or get mugs of pokemon printed on it and give it to kids as return gifts.

Underwater Party

This is the perfect idea if your child is a water baby. You can organize the party beach side or at a private pool if the kids are teenagers and knows to swim. Or you can just organize the party anywhere but decorate it giving vibes of water. Decorate the walls with wallpapers of blue waves and also with different water creatures like whale, shark, dolphins, starfish, boats, ships etc. You can make kids watch a water themed movie like Finding Nemo or any other. And also order a huge dolphin cake or a beach themed cake. Find birthday gifts online for your near and dear ones for treating them on special occasions.

Ninja Turtles Party

For Ninja Turtles Party paint the party venue in green and blue, even blue and green balloons will also work. You can get Ninja turtles masks if available or DIY it so the kids can get in their avatar. You can get green wristbands for the kids and have popcorn and pizzas as the party food. You can get the customized cake with ninja turtle’s figures on it to have the dramatic cake. As return gifts you can give kids ninja turtles faced bags or mugs whichever is available.

Fashionista Party

Every girl loves getting dressed up and spending time with her beautiful girlfriends. This theme is wonderful choice for teenage girls who have started following the beauty trends and doing make up and other stuff. You can arrange tiaras for the girl; dress them up with light make up so that they would look glamorous. You can also organize a fashion show for the pretty ladies. Decorate the venue with mirrors, yellow lights and cut outs of heels and lipsticks to give them the theme’s perfect feel. You can distribute make up accessories as party favors to the girls.

Pyjama Party

Sleepovers are best type of parties and girls love it. There’s no pain of staying up late in party dress instead wear those comfy pyjamas and stay up all night with your girls. You can organize a movie date with your girls watching your favourite movies or cartoons. You can arrange for different coloured nail paints and pass your time grooming your girlfriends. You can also have a dance session for the kids. Decorate the bedroom with heart shaped balloons and order a bed shaped cake. You can give comfy heart shaped pillows as return gifts.

We hope these Birthday Party themes gives your child the most memorable and fun birthday party ever.

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