7 WordPress Themes for Your E-Commerce Site

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Primarily which emerged as the biggest platform for blogging enthusiasts, WordPress has unfolded many other prospects as well in digital space. It is one framework which is well suitable for building e-commerce websites as well. The good thing is that WordPress has many themes dedicated to this style of website. This has simplified the process of many small business houses or start-ups who want to build the payment processing site without any programming expertise.

There is no doubt that not all e-commerce sites are created equally. There are certain parts where you might need technical skills or else you will face some problems in website functionality on different devices.

You can always go for hiring the best web development company in that scenario as it will serve you the complete value of the money spend over website design and development. For this post, we are discussing the best WordPress themes for your e-commerce site.

All these things are popular for their features and help you in building a well organised and rich-featured eCommerce website.


This is one of the best WordPress themes which will help you in establishing your online shop very easily. This elegant theme is highly customizable and is completely user-friendly. It is fully responsive as well which makes it perfect to view the website on both tablets and Smartphones along with computer and laptops.

The users with the basic know-how or are the newbie, can even build their eCommerce store easily with this theme as it is completely customisable. There is a whole deck of pre-built layouts that will surely cater to all the needs of the eCommerce site.


This is one of the most popular WordPress themes for business websites because of its crafty designs and intuitive features. With Antreas, you can surely think of making a powerful online presence. The theme allows the setting up of the online store very easily owing to its WP Customizer. Not only that its visual interface allows the easy edit of the widgets, page sections, and sidebars. There are shortcodes as well which are solely oriented for utilising several elements like pricing tables, testimonials, and even the introduction of the whole working team. As the leading web development company in India, we have built many websites backed with Antreas. The reason behind this choice is simple as the theme allows expanding the functionality of the website in a more convenient manner.


Tyche is one suitable WordPress theme for e-commerce websites. Its minimalistic clean designs are its USP. The good thing is that it comes with the demo and the support to get all started. Not only that you will be getting its location services, featuring documentation along with a clean code. Used by the best web development company in India, Tyche ha got all special featured options as well like blogs, page sections, shopping cart and even the ad banner which is good for marketing purpose as well. Its design is quite elementary as it has simple email contact and signup system.


There are many adjectives that can describe this multipurpose WordPress theme. Some of them are modern and resourceful, safe and secure, cohesively polished and enticing, robust and aesthetically appealing and so many more. This is one of the top choices of the best web design company in India owing to its powerful features that will help you in building a dynamic featured e-commerce website. The theme features a whole deck of design templates and layouts along with premium quality icons and fonts and short codes too. The theme also features a Next Gen gallery that will help you in showcasing the products at their best in a more seamless manner. You can simplify the whole process of E-commerce web site development in India with this WordPress Theme.


User-friendly, responsive, convenient, technologically upgraded, well developed, and customisable- the list of the adjectives for Activello can go on and on. This WordPress theme has all sort of substantial features along with add-ons that make it ideal for websites of all sorts of industries.

What makes it ideal for e-commerce websites? It has got all the strength and flexibility that is needed to survive and grow in digital space. The theme makes your page extremely accessible and user-friendly. Another thing it is equipped with is page templates that will help the web developers in establishing a more compatible online storefront.


Shapely is another popular WordPress theme for e-commerce sites. It is one ideal option for entrepreneurs with a little or no know-how of web development. Though you can always hire professional for that, if you’re on the verge of start-up, many business owners prefer to do it on own. Shapely helps these entrepreneurs in establishing their name in digital space. There is no need for proficiency in programming.

Another good thing is that Shapely is one SEO friendly theme which means more and more customers will be able to reach you. This responsive theme also makes it possible for the customers to access your website through smartphones and laptops. The theme is compatible with different web browsers as well. For more professional assistance over Shapely, you can hire the best web development company in India.


Availability of WooCommerce functionality is the biggest benefit that you can avail of using this theme for your Ecommerce store. Other than this the theme has drag and drops feature which lets you include tabs, pricing tables, videos and even video sliders.

Also, Divi is one of the few WordPress themes that has got point and click editing and building of page from the frontend. This is quite an option for small scale business houses as well. They can use the theme to build a seamless looking e-commerce store as the interface is quite easy, elementary and user-friendly. You don’t need professional expertise or know-how.

These are some of the themes which suit perfectly for building an e-commerce website owing to their functionality and features. You can hire the best web development company In India for building a dynamically featured E-commerce website.

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