Advantages & Limitations of Free Web Hosting

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People want to move towards online businesses because of the awareness about the Internet among the people. Everyone wants to globalize their business by offering their services all over the world. It is just because, the creation of websites became easy for the people by using the easy to use web builders that are mostly offered by leading web hosts enlisted by ihostingreviews.

In addition, people want to start it by using free web hosting services because they do not want to invest money without having any experience in it. There are always some benefits but also have some cons that will be discussed in this article. Before starting a discussion about the pros and cons, we must know why companies offer free web hosting.

Why Companies Offer Free Web Hosting?

The web hosting services take a lot of resources, and it is not the thing that can be delivered free of cost to the people. It takes the cost of hardware maintenance, server storage, electricity, and many other things. The following can be the reasons for offering free web hosting by any web host.

Marketing Strategy

Sometimes, the company wants to get the clients in confidence in their services, and the company does it by offering free web hosting services. Once they get the customers, then they offer domain name and other services at a competitive cost.

Ad-Supported Strategy

The web hosting company offers free web hosting services to make promotions using the websites being hosted on their servers and have ad banners on their sites.


When a new hosting company starts, it provides free hosting services to the customers to test their services and get the responses. It becomes more comfortable for them to correct the mistakes done by the company.

Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting.


  • The first advantage is that the customer does not have to pay for the service and the client can experience the facilities for the first time.
  • This is a good way to learn about hosting a website without investing money, and it removes the chances of losing money while gaining experience.
  • You will get a free domain name by the companies, and people can visit your website with a unique name, and your brand equity can be developed.
  • You can test some software script on the web hosting portal without spending any money on it.


  • Free web hosting provides limited resources and controls over the hosting account, and you may face the lack of having several features about hosting account.
  • Bandwidth and disk space are limited on the free web hosting services, and you might get suspended by huge upload files on the server.
  • Most of the free web hosting companies support ads on the websites being hosted on them. These ads can be harmful to the reputation of your website if your site is being used for non-profit works.
  • The website may face the speed and performance issues on the free web hosting services.

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