Age Gap Between Siblings

Age Gap Between Siblings

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A thought of a baby might strike your brain? Family or relatives would join in the chorus and ask when you are planning to have a new baby. What is an ideal time frame between your babies? In reality there is no time frame as it all depends upon your individual circumstances.

What should be ideal age gap between babies?

What is the best gap between babies? Just imagine a situation where your kids are growing up together and you have enough energy to cope. In such cases you might think a small gap is ideal. It could be a few messy hard few months but all the tedious task of raising two kids would be condensed into a single period.

Once a child becomes a toddler they become self-dependent. They might insist on feeding and dressing alone. Once a new baby becomes a point of interest to him, he might start playing and sharing his games with him or her. Since they tend to be close around 18 months or so their interests are pretty similar. Arguments could arise but their friendship would overcome this phase. Students who are aware that they need a playmate and continue their games would sort out disagreements among themselves. It all depends upon characters along with active support of parents an early bond would trump over jealously or any rivalry.

To have close together can help your career and choices of child care. Once you are working it becomes easy to organize kids of similar age group. This would be a lot difficult in case if you have to juggle kids in different settings.


If you plan to have a child before your first baby turns 18 years is a hard task to begin with. An early phase could pass on with a blur as sleepless nights and physical demands of pregnancy might be too hard on a new born mother.Though it means that you might be able to enjoy your babies in a manner that you like. During this initial phase both partners would be exhausted as they have a couple of babies to be taking care off.

The old kids might not be sleeping enough by the time a new baby arrives. They could end up having one nap during the day as well.  Working in harmony would help you grow as a family. The cost of covering play care for both the babies might be a cause of worry. A pregnancy gap between babies would enable you to address this issue. There is a lot of equipment you might have to end up buying. In due course of time there would be a huge chunk of educational expenses if you are planning to send both kids to a university.

To conclude if you want to enjoy the company of each and every child, then a 2 to 3 year gap would serve you best. By the time a second child arrives you might have got done with pregnancy blues and be well on your road to recovery.

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