Animation Trends to Follow In 2020

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Motion and animation are continuously becoming a powerful tool used for marketing and business promotions. They shape the perceptions of the target audience and present the product or services in the digital space.

From slightly visible in-app video animation to full promotional animations, motion graphics is making its way in the market across the industries and types of business. Organizations that were dependent on traditional marketing are now focusing on digital marketing and creativity to reach out to the audience.

Animation and motion graphics is a marketing tool that is continually evolving. The animators and designers experiment with trends to come up with something out of the box, which soon is adopted as a trend in the market. Therefore, any brand needs to opt for a trendy style of animation to be successful in the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss some trends which are playing a significant role in the year 2020.

1. Restricted Color Palette

Just like in poetry, some simple words have the ability to describe the emotions of the writer; colors used in animations can do the same. Colors appeal directly to the unconscious of the human mind and tell a story that cannot be described by words. Today, the trend is to use a few primary colors instead of a rich semi-tone color palette. Animations using some colors look straightforward and sophisticated at the same time. It is a challenge for the artist to build the mood and character of the animation with few shades of colors.

2. Thin lines 

Lines give directions, define shapes, and even build the mood of the people. Using thin lines that are distinctive gives a real, hand-drawn look to the animated video. It adds a unique style to the video. This trend has only grown with time, and many businesses have already revealed the power of this trend in their explainer videos.

3. Mixing 2D animations with 3D

2D and 3D animations are not a new trend. However, the animators have continuously been experimenting with the style and making animations more enjoyable for the customers. This style is not only used for corporate videos but is also popularly used for small-scaled digital ads. 

4. Kinetic typography

Commonly, artists and animators don’t consider experimenting with fonts and typefaces. One reason for this is it can reduce the readability of the text resulting in confusion. Despite of this reason, the animators today are taking on this challenge and breaking the rules to produce the best results. Kinetic typography is the trend that goes beyond the limits of traditional typography and encourages stretching, twisting, and distortion in letters. Most eCommerce websites and mobile apps use kinetic typography in their animated videos.

5. Morphing 

Morphing has also become a widely used trend of motion graphics in 2020. It is an effect in animation which changes one image or shape into another through a seamless transition. It works as a visual magnet that draws the attention of the viewers and makes them watch the video till the end. This technique is useful in websites animation since it helps in keeping the attention of the visitor on the website.

6. Animated logo designs

In the struggle to make a solid and memorable presence in the digital world, the business tries to incorporate animation in various branding materials, including logos. Animation logos have already become a significant trend used significantly to create a memorable brand identity. Motion graphics breathe life into static photographs and icons, making the brand look more attractive and unforgettable for the customers. It is an innovative way to deliver a unique message to the audience.

Author Bio: I am a marketing manager at a logo animation company. I completed my bachelors in marketing with learning the traditional as well as digital marketing mediums. I then contemplated on practicing what I have learned throughout my educational life which brought me here. I have 4 years of experience in this field and thus now have the responsibility of planning and looking after every marketing campaign that is held in the company.

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