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There can be various reasons for settling in Australia. If you have a transferable job and got transferred to Australia and had to stay, there for few years and decided to settle there permanently. Or suppose you have an independent job and have a desire to settle in Australia. There can be a lot of reasons for someone depending on their purpose to settle in the country. But settling in a different country is not as easy as it sounds. It varies from person to person depending on the nationality and the purpose of settlement. Only if you are among the lucky ones to hold the citizenship of New Zealand then you can access special permission to gain settlement in Australia. If not there are several process involved for gaining the right to settle in Australia. Over the years Migration Agent Perthhas helped a lot of satisfied customers to get settled in the country.


The application process is different for different people. First let’s have a look at the criteria of application process involved for the individuals having a relation with someone holding a citizenship of the country.

  1. Are you an adopted child of the Australia citizen? If the answer is yes, then you can apply for the citizenship under the observation of Hague Conversion and Inter country relation
  2. Are you married to someone having an Australian citizenship? This is the easiest way to gain access to the country. Married to someone holding a citizenship can help one gain access to the country. But remember that marriage should not be used for a beneficial purpose for your need.
  3.  Were you born outside Australia? If your parents have an Australian citizenship and for some commitments, they were not in the country during your delivery then you are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.
  4. Do you have a transferable job and were out of the country for several years? If you are having a transferable job and did not return to the country for long enough that your earlier citizenship was put under check, then you are eligible to apply for fresh citizenship.
  5. Were you born in Papua before the Independence of 1975? Individuals born before the Independence of 1975 are eligible to apply.

Once you have applied for the citizenship it’s time to know your country. You may be thinking that how can this be related to having a citizenship? Individuals need to pass a Citizenship Exam which tests their knowledge about the country. Failing in the test may result in rejection of your application.


Individuals from different countries deciding to settle in the land of Kangaroos have a different application process. One needs to file a proper reason for their settlement; whether its business purpose or others to the Government. The individual then receive a 60-day time span to submit the required documents, if failed their application will be rejected. An individual need to pass a proper English language test in order to match the linguistic skills of the native.

If all these seems confusing to you then it is always better to contact Migration agent Perth to become secured with the Migration process. Migration agent Perth has years of experience to understand the purpose of your settlement and help you in your process.

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