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B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering: Course Structure, Scope and Colleges

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Since Engineering has started playing the major role in making things useful and more accessible in the world, the students across the globe desire to pursue a career in Engineering. It has many branches and a few are very popular among the students because of its role in the industry. Mechanical engineering is the one of the popular branches among all other Engineering branches. The students who study B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering deal with the concepts of mechanics, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, kinematics, power sector, refrigeration, air conditioning sector, and aerospace.

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering has become the most favorite subject which basically helps the students to learn finding appreciable relevance to products that we use in our daily life. The tools and products developed by Mechanical Engineers bestow our lives with comfort, convenience, and security. The scope to have a bright career through B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering is higher as the students who complete B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering are in highly demand to offer jobs in fields like automotive, railways, aviation, oil & gas industry, power industry, HVAC design & maintenance, robotics automation, process industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry and many more.

 Program Structure

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering is considered as the most diverse branch amongst the engineering fields and the ME (Mechanical Engineering) deals with the followings areas:

  • Automotive Systems
  • Combustion Engineering
  • Control of Dynamic Systems
  • Design of Mechanical Systems
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Manufacturing processes and systems
  • Materials behavior and processing
  • Tribology

Usually B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering program is designed to equip the  students with the sets of skills that include- Strong theoretical foundation, Predominantly practice-oriented approach with access to well-equipped & specialized laboratories, supervised internship, Life skills orientation, Hands-on technical training, Business perspective, Specialization in advanced areas like Robotics, Mechatronics, Bio-mechanics, etc.

In India, the students, who have completed the 12th class exam in science stream, are only eligible to pursue mechanical engineering. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering program is designed to broadly cover the study of three domains – design, thermal and manufacturing engineering. Through the program, the students are equipped with adeptness and know the ways of solving many technological and social issues by applying their knowledge they have been taught in the program. 


The students of B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering course are taught to perform various jobs as mentioned above so that they pursue the attractive career and earn handsome amount as monthly or yearly salary package around the world. The students are offered a large number of jobs which completely depends on one’s specialization and interests. The students are usually offered manufacturing related jobs, thermodynamics related jobs or structural related jobs. The students with a Mechanical Engineering degree can opt for private or government jobs; however, the opportunities in private sector are enormous. On successfully completion of B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, the students can work at one of the following positions: 

  • Architectural and Engineering Managers
  • Auto research Engineers
  • Drafters
  • Heating and Cooling System Engineers
  • Material Engineers
  • Mathematicians and Statisticians
  • Natural Science Managers
  • Nuclear Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Physicists and Astronomers
  • Robotic Engineers
  • Sales Engineers

Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Jaipur

A number of colleges in the Pink City which offer B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering to the students who come across the country in order to study the program. JK Lakshmipat University, also known as JKLU, is one of the leading mechanical engineering colleges in Jaipur, which offers various engineering programs. The program B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering at JKLU is popular among the students because the students at JKLU learn the basics of the program and also become familiar with production, design and quality assurance.

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