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Bathroom & Exterior House Renovation

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Bathroom Renovation know-how

Whether it is a residential plot or a commercial building, the static functionality of your bathroom should be at the core of your renovation strategy. A remodeled bathroom adds value to your home, enhances its ambience and accommodates your current concerns. The recurrent and excessive usage of bathrooms over time might result in a constructional damage. The moisture content due to the persistent exposure to water can cause buckling and cracking. It is vital that concrete material be used which can stand both the test of time and seasonal variations.

Bathroom repair in Ottawa

Ottawa is an industrious city which is widely known for its commercial buildings and residential plots which makes it a mass market of renovating different buildings. Residents seek to make the most out of their buck by looking for a beautiful transformation made by the finest materials possible. The bathroom renovation price in Ottawa is inexpensive at best as compared to the other areas. A complete bathroom refurbishment includes the replacement of the large shower base, shower doors in glass, radiant floor heat, flooring material, vanity, toilet and various bathroom materials and supplies that can give your bathroom that grand look.

Bathroom repair in Ottawa

Our services include the installation of Schluter DITRA polyethene membrane, shower enclosures, new floors, subfloors, sink, fan, paint and trim. We offer flooring and delivery of used bathroom equipment as a part of our renovation and restoration services. We break down the estimate of an average cost of bathroom renovation price in Ottawa depending on the size of your bathroom. We have economical pricing that can help you re-do your bathroom without compromising on design, function and quality.

Exterior House Renovation

A house is a home to a set of family that feels most comfortable within its walls, but it is equally important to take note of and increase the aesthetic beauty of its outlook and appearance. In a packed city like Ottawa, most residents seek to refurbish the exterior of their house to give a unique impression that exhibits both class and modernism.  Appearances set the pace for the complete picture of a building, which is why many of the people looking for exterior house renovation in Ottawa seek to add beauty through different architectural details for a remarkable makeover. Maximum curb appeal can be formed with regard to the tailored desires of our clients that will convert your house from ordinary to unforgettable!

Repair and Remodeling

The outlook of the house can deteriorate over time giving your house a clumsy façade. It can look puny because of the pollution and weather and give the exterior a decaying look that is not-so-attractive to visitors and guests. Homeowners who are willing to go for an exterior house renovation in Ottawacan transform the lackluster view by adding a porch or a deck, a fresh coat of paint, fresh landscaping, a new walkway and a portico to enhance the home’s welcoming ambience.   

Renovating Expertise

A complete facelift requires finding a reliable contractor that comprehends your vision into a clear reality that is breath taking yet economic. As an established company, we prioritize customer satisfaction and needs as a motivator to the expansion of our business. The renovation team includes expert designers that go over the minute details of your preferred décor before beginning the manual work on the site.

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