Best Destinations for September Holidays

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Although many people associate the month of September with a new beginning (and also a latent post-vacation depression), these best destinations for the September holidays promise to change some topics forever.

Munich, Germany

While the name of Oktoberfest indicates otherwise, the truth is that the most famous beer festival in the world begins on September 22 and yes, ends on October 7. The perfect excuse to visit one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe such as the German Munich to, incidentally, book two days of barbecue between Tyrolean waitresses, liters of beer and tents where music and good vibes intersect for little more than two weeks.

​​Troms ø, Norway

When deciding among the best destinations for the September holidays, taking into account the presence of a phenomenon such as the Northern Lights can forever change the final decision. From the end of August to the month of April, and especially from the end of a month of September in which it begins to get dark before, dropping by the Norwegian moors and specifically by the area of ​​Troms ø, they make it possible to see Colorful skies in a magical reality.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most famous city of the Turkish giant becomes a display of energy and color whose streets end in places like the Hagia Sophia Mosque or the Grand Bazaar, the most lavish in the world. A melting pot of cultures ideal to start in the country of Cappadocia’s troglodyte formations or the blue balconies of Pamukkale, one of the great shows of the also known as Puerta de Europa.

In our country there are places with a lot of charm where, despite emerging tourism, there are still real hidden paradises. If you approach some of the secret beaches of the famous Almeria Cabo de Gata, such as Cala Principe or Cala de Enmedio, the possibility of feeling Robinson Crusoe in the middle of September is more than likely. Don’t miss a walk through charming villages like Las Negras or Agua Amarga, beaches like Monsul or Los Genoveses or a snorkeling session in El Playazo. Without a doubt, one of the best destinations for September holidays in Spain.

Hermanus, South Africa

On the southwest coast of South Africa there is a city called Hermanus whose surroundings, from hotels to restaurants and terraces, were conceived as perfect viewpoints of the stars of this place: the whales. From June to October, and especially during September, the beaches of Hermanus allow the sighting of one of the most beautiful and largest animals in the world to the delight of those travelers who, first and foremost, seek to be surprised in the country of colors.

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

The favorite city of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in the Colombian Caribbean, is possibly one of the best destinations to visit in all of South America in September. The variety of activities offered by this ancient port of the Spanish Empire ranges from the culture of its forts and colonial houses to the bohemian atmosphere of Gethsemane, the beaches of Baru or snorkeling to be practiced in the lush islands of the Rosario.

Which of these best destinations for September holidays do you stay with?

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