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Best Litespeed Server of Bangladesh


If you are looking for the Best WordPress Litespeed server provider in Bangladesh, Boss Host BD is the ultimate choice. We are using their Litespeed server since 2016, and they are not a single minute down. Can you imagine?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the present internet era. However, there are lots of option to choose the best WordPress hosting. Previously Namecheap, GoDaddy, HostGator, siteground hosting company of abroad playing the vital role of WordPress hosting.
Recently Exon Host of Bangladesh is trying to get the attention of Bangladeshi hosting customer. However, before Exonhost, Boss Host BD introduced the Litespeed server in Bangladesh. They are the pioneer of introducing cloud-based WordPress hosting. Comparing exon host and boss host bd, I found some positive points for boss host bd.

Why am I focusing the light speed server?


Litespeed is the next generation of web architecture for delivery static and dynamic contents. Comparing Nginx and conventional apache server, Litespeed server is way faster. As Boss host bd adopted the technology in 2016, the hosting satisfaction of the Bangladeshi customer significantly increased.

What are the in favor points of boss host bd?

Boss Host BD is a renowned professional hosting company in Bangladesh since 2015. They are popular in Bangladesh for their unparallel cloud hosting service. Follow and customer they have introduced the Litespeed based shared server, which is very powerful dealing with the newspaper, result, and e-commerce based website. Recently they have introduced the enterprise level Litespeed cache for WordPress exclusively.

Points to be noted you should remember buying hosting that I am already getting from boss host Bd.

Exon Host vs Boss Host BD

  • Uptime is tremendous 99.9%
  • They have multiple servers if one server fails immediately they can post in two different servers and up your website in a minute.
  • All the WordPress hosting transfer from different hosting to boss host bd is entirely free. They usually do it with zero minute downtime. Posting transfer is very much critical for the website user who is using Facebook instant articles.
  • 100% pure SSD (NVMe) of all the service which gives the smooth performance.
  • Litespeed server with Litespeed cache module for WordPress.
  • Cloudflare integration facility with free Cloudflare railgun option.
  • The full control panel of CPanel and Domain panel. They are the reseller of Resell biz domain provider.
  • Their supporting staffs are excellent. The only reason I am moving from Exon Host to Boss Host BD is, getting any time support round the clock 24/7.
  • They have moved out from the traditional hosting client area to dedicated Facebook support chatting system. Now you can check your support tickets are already read or not.

So why not Boss Host Bd? If you buy one server from them, they will do the whole WordPress optimization according to the need of 2019. They know all the server tweaks which are essential for ranking first in Google.

Fast WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh

Many people are searching Google for the fast wordpress hosting provider in Bangladesh. As Boss host BD is not advertising, you will not get the idea of the fast WordPress hosting they can provide. They do not only provide the WordPress hosting but also they are giving the whole package of WordPress. WordPress installation, plugin installation, security enhancement, and WordPress Optimisation according to 2019.

They will provide the SSL for a lifetime and for free. They have also included the let’s encrypt module for easy installation of SSL.

Many abroad customers who are not living in Bangladesh have already started to use their hosting, and I am one of them. In a nutshell, I can only say Boss Host BD will not disappoint you.

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