Best Social Media Tips for the Year 2019

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There was a time when social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were considered just that – Time pass. But, slowly, Facebook was used for many reasons. Now, it has almost become the focal point of a million members all over the globe. Now, when social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram gained enough engagements, business enterprises took notice and started interacting with their target customers. Just take a look around. Social media has revolutionized the entire concept of marketing. Traditional marketing methods have been broken apart, and in place, digital marketing is playing a major role. In this article, let us focus on the best social media tips for the year 2019.

Just have a look at these statistics, and you will know why should you read this article on best social media tips for the year 2019?

The users of the Facebook amount to 2.2 billion every month.

Going by the likes of Pinterest, you have 150 million people who make use of the platform to make their designs available to the public.

Instagram, well, the statistics say it is the second largest network in social media. SO cheers.

If you have a business of your own and not an active social media user, then the marketing strategy is incomplete. Yes, searching for the target audience in the big bad world of business is tough. But once you have nailed the marketing strategy, running the business may become a cakewalk for you.

Now Let us look at some best social media tips for the year 2019.

1. Goals And Objectives

  • Your brand gets more popular among the public
  • You get a large audience
  • There is a better way to interact with your audience
  • More leads get generated
  • Your sales will improve and the product will generate more revenue

Do you want more reasons? Now you know the reason why so many companies and businesses are vying to reach the article on the best social media tips for the year 2019.

Set A Goal And Try Every Month To Attain Them

  • It is vital that you need numbers. For example, ensuring that you get at least 500 twitter followers and 200 followers for your Facebook page (both new) for a month
  • You need to set a deadline every month
  • Ensure that you divide the goals properly to the members of the team.

The goals should be in tandem with your social media marketing strategy. This is one of the best social media tips for the year 2019.

2. Know Your Audience

In this fast era world, it is vital that you need to have regular interaction with your audience. But first, you need to know who your target audience is – correct. You should know their want, desire, and needs. Then you can create a proper social media plan.

  • Ensure you have the proper analytical tools to know about the audience and demographics.
  • You need to participate in forums that are filled with your audience
  • Do not forget to respond to comments on the blog or website regarding your products or services
  • Do not forget to thank a customer in case of appreciation

Please note that every customer wants to deal with a company who care for their clients, and not just sell the product or offer services.

So, knowing the audience is one of the best social media tips for the year 2019.

3. Run Contests

Are you active on twitter? Then you must have noticed before any South Indian film is released, the fans conduct a competition on Twitter to gain more engagements for the film. You need to use words that can instill a call of action to the audience. You need to figure out our goals and decide the social media platform for hosting the contest. Do not forget to have a deadline for the content. Running competitions on Facebook and Twitter is one of the best social media tips for the year 2019.

4. Words In The Social Media Platforms

Please note, that every word in the social media platform is a representation of your company. So, you should carefully think and then post it. A wrong comment can set the competitors and trouble mongers trolling your social media accounts. Be careful while making the posting in your social media account. Another best social media tip for the year 2019.


  • LinkedIn – B2B audiences
  • Facebook – Connect with your audience via Facebook groups
  • Instagram – If you have a great visual creation team, then the sky is the limit. You can make short videos and make them work for you.
  • Pinterest – Similar to Instagram. This is also a visual platform. It can drive a large amount of traffic to your website/blog.

After you know the social media platform that will connect with your audience better, it is better to concentrate on the specific social media website.

5. Keep The Words To A Minimum

Posting quality content in less number of words is an art. The audience does not want pages and pages of promotional content. They just need catchy words which can fuel their interest to check the product or service. And you need to have the perfect copywriter in the team. The words should instill trust in the minds of the customer.

6. Video Content

Have you traveled on public transport? Yes, then you must have known the power of videos. Everywhere, you see college students and working professionals busy on youtube watching videos. Now, why don’t you use the same for your business? Have a proper video creation team and start preparing them. Please note, there are two types of videos which can engage the audience. How To videos and videos with comedy but giving the right content. So, all the best for your video creation team. This aspect, you can count as one of the best social media tips for the year 2019.

7. Images

You can fit a thousand words into an image. So create images can be shared by the audience in many social media platforms. And in this era of free tools on the internet, there is no need to have the perfect designing skills. Please note social media platforms (each) need a special size of image and resolution. You need to know this information before making the post on them.


Let us imagine, you work in a company which provides one of the best doorstep repair services for mobile repair in Mumbai. Now, being a digital marketer, you need to know the tools, content and the right social media platforms for making the interaction with the target audience. So, by making use of the best social media tips for the year 2019, in the very first month, the company has gained more followers and social media engagements.

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