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Can You Add an Anti-Glare Coating to Glasses After Purchase?

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What makes an anti-glare coating a smart choice? The extra add-ons such as anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and impact resistance make your glasses highly functional towards providing clear-cut vision. What if you forgot to put an anti-glare coating on your glasses? Now you might be feeling like the glare from lights in your room and office are causing inconvenience. Harmful glare is not something to think of as a temporary annoyance, but it actually can lead to severe adverse effects on your eyes.

In this article, we’ll talk about why glare is harmful and why we should always buy glasses embedded with the anti-glare coating. 

Why is glare harmful and annoying?

Glare is a high intensity of reflection from lights or lamps in our home and office that disturbs a clear vision of the viewer. The amount of intense reflection from our surroundings falling on our eyes is not a minor inconvenience but a severe health issue. Glare is not only a significant vision discomfort but also a cause of substantial eye condition that starts with problems like continuous squinting, eye strain, blurred vision, and other physical pain. 

It takes no time to transfer into a significant vision loss. People who experience glare start to squint their eyes or turn their back on the emitted reflection to reduce its effects, but it’s not a convenient solution and causes physical pain like neck and shoulder. Glare also results in headaches and eye strain. In order to get rid of these harmful and abundant glares, we can’t switch off the lights around us and live in darkness. Hence, it becomes highly essential to take protective measures to safeguard your eyes from harmful glare that allows you to drive at night safely. Night driving becomes quite tricky because of glare from the street lights. 

Anti-reflective coating on glasses helps to successfully eradicate the trace of glare from your eyes and keep your eyes safe. Not only do they protect but also make your glasses look aesthetic due to significant clarity. 

Why do people get anti-glare coating?

Anti-glare coating  glasses are essential and advantageous for people. Anti-glare coated glasses help best while driving at night and equally doing any work at night with clarity. Anti-glare is also called anti-reflective, or AR coating effectively reduces reflection from the back and front of your lenses. They are responsible for eliminating up to 99% of reflection from the surface of the lenses. When these glasses get rid of reflection on such a superior level, the light can directly reach our eyes and helps to view things better.

Can we get Anti-glare coating after purchasing them?

What happens when you want to put an anti-reflective coating for glasses that you already bought? It may sound like a complex answer because the process itself is complex. Yes, there is a method called vacuum deposition technology available; however, it is not recommended to everyone. Vacuum deposition technology involves many neat processes where the first process consists of cleaning those lenses without a minor scratch. However, that’s not possible, and it will cost you a fortune to go through this process. 

Reglaze glasses for instant anti-glare coating

The best solution is to reglazing your glasses. Not only will reglazing glasses do help you to keep your existing frames with you but also give you a brand-new lens with an advanced anti-glare coating. You don’t have to go through an expensive process of addition coating treatment but instead, switch to reglaze. 

However, there are many AR coating available in the market, but be sure to check their process of AR coating to avoid any mistakes. There are many false standard AR coatings available that are simply the thinnest coating on the lens that’s not very durable. It goes away in a few months due to scratches, so be aware of taking an anti-scratch coating to make them last for coming years of active protection. 

Specscart provides glasses in prescription and non-prescription. With specscart, you don’t have to worry about getting the anti-glare coating additionally because it gives all its lenses with free protective add-ons such as anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and impact resistance. If you are still sceptical about trying all those designer frames in beautiful style, design, material and texture, try our free home trial for an entire week. 

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