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There are many Bollywood movies out there that can instantly evoke inspiration and motivation in anyone. If you are feeling the loss of inspiration in your life, then you should watch these movies.  The films would give you an amazing experience and wonderful treat. Of course, the movies have not just inspired millions of people but have the strength to make everyone feel motivated repeatedly. These are not at all only one time watch and thanks to the directions and excellent formation for that!

Anyhow, you must be getting excited to know about these inspirational movies right? Well, have a look at some of the brilliant movies below: And do not worry about where to get these from because Vidmate gets you all the movies, videos and clips for free. You can get the movies the formats and resolutions of your choice and that too for free.

TaareZameen Par

This blockbuster movie was released on 21 December in the year 2007. The movie features Aamir Khan and DarsheelSafary in the lead role. The movie revolves around IshaanAwasthi who is an eight-year-old and his world is filled with wonders that nobody else seems to appreciate.  In other words this movie explores the life and imagination of this character called Ishaan. The movie was produced and directed by Amir Khan. The boy has learning disability and how the movie unfolds; everything is so touching and inspiring.


This amazing inspirational movie was released on 12 July in the year 2013.It is an Indian biographical sports drama movie and is directed by RakeyshOmprakashMehra and the script written by Prasoon Joshi. The plot is based on the life of Milkha Singh, an amazing Indian athlete who was a national champion runner and also an Olympian. The movie is full of motivation and drama. You would love it to bits for sure. FarhanAkhtar and SonamKapoor have nailed it in this movie.The movie speaks of his perseverance as an athlete and also as a courageous human being…

Chak De India

This amazing sports oriented movie was released on 10 Aug 2008. It is full of inspiration and fun. ShahrukhKhan, VidyaMalvade has been in the lead role in this movie. You get to witness so many different hockey matches and the perseverance of Indian hockey women team gives you an amazing experience. You get to know about so many things and overall you get influenced by inspiration.


Amitabh Bachchan and HrithikRoshan are in the lead roles of this movie. This amazing and inspirational Lakshya movie has all to do with character Karan who is a lazy man. He is good for nothing. He lives on the income that is generated by his father and elder brother. But there takes place so many things as the movie unfolds and you fall in love with this character and the movie leaves you motivated and inspired.


So, you should check out these inspirational Bollywood movies if you haven’t done it so far.

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