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Check out the Latest Gold Jewelleries You Can Add in Your New Collection!

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Who doesn’t love to wear jewellery? Especially for a woman, jewellery is a mark of culture and serves many purposes. Whether they are about bracelets, earrings, bangles or necklaces, ornaments are extremely popular.

If you want to create your new collection of gold jewelleries, here’s a list to include. Most of these are available with online retailers who offer unique designs to go with different outfits and occasions.    

Gold jewelleries to include in your new collection

Option 1: Wristlet

A wristlet is an Indo-Western design. Hence, it is distinct from gold bangles. These designer ornaments are entirely made of pure gold. These usually have emerald stones in the centre, paved with diamonds. Wristlets look appealing and go well with any western outfit.

Option 2:  Diamond studded brooch

A brooch is an ornament which is usually attached to an outfit with the help of a pin. Gold brooches are currently trending among the other latest jewelleries. Brooches are entirely made of gold with diamonds studded all around. These come in various designs with reputed online sellers.

Option 3: Gold designer jhumkas

Who doesn’t know jhumkas, probably the most fashionable Indian gold jewelleries? Gold designer jhumkas offer a heavy bridal look, often with some stonework on them. It goes well with any kind of Indian wear and not just sarees.

Option 4: Gold ring embedded with diamonds

This ring perfectly fits the category of engagement rings. Since you are going to wear it for the rest of your life, you must choose the design carefully. An engagement ring should be classy and simple. Made of gold and adorned with diamonds give it an elegant look.

Option 5: Designer gold necklace

A designer gold necklace is a prerequisite when it comes to an Indian jewellery collection. It comes in a variety of designs nowadays. If you want to settle for a modern look, check out the latest designs with reputed sellers. It is studded with rubies and emeralds and comes with a gold chain. You can wear it at weddings.

Option 6: Gold bangles

Most Indian women love gold bangles which give a charming look to one’s hand. A twisted gold bangle with intricate designs is a must-have in your jewellery collection. They look simple yet stunning. You can wear it with a western outfit too.

Option 7: Gold chains

These are simple gold chains which both men and women can wear. The chains come in a variety of designs as well. You can choose the one according to occasion and festival. These gold chains come in varying lengths and go well with any outfit.

Option 8: Gold armlets

Armlets can be worn with sleeveless ethnic wear or any other traditional wear. They come in unique and contemporary designs nowadays. The twisted gold along with studded stones gives it an elegant look.

Gold is a metal that will never go out-dated and always remain in fashion. So, which is your type of style? Search for the latest gold jewellery designs and pick it up for your special moments.

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