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Delineation of Dubai visa for Indians

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This summer make your holiday adventurous by traveling to Dubai-one of the most vibrant and astonishing cities of the world, known for luxury and extravagance, the city which is known for the superlatives. Dubai has transformed from a land covered with sands to a cosmopolitan city full of skyscrapers, majestic man-made island and what not.

Dubai beautifully portrays the amalgamation of tradition and rich history with modern lifestyle and this assimilation makes people visit this mystique land over and over again. Although summer is not an ideal time to visit Dubai due to the scorching sun and unbearable heat, it still entices people to visit this place during this season as it is the time when people get to relax from the hectic and monotonous life and wishes to explore the wonders of the world.

Every year, a huge population from India visits Dubai and it is estimated that within one or two years millions of Indian tourists will turn their head to Dubai. If you too are planning to visit Dubai and it is your first trip to this land of rich culture, you must understand the criteria to get entry. From availing a visa to getting Ok To Board from your airline, you will need it all prior to your trip.

Depending on the purpose of your visit, the types of visa varies. If the reason behind your trip is tourism, you have to apply for tourist visa and if it is a business trip, business visa will come to rescue.

On the other hand, after availing your visa, an Indian tourist must receive OTB or Ok To Board permission from the airline he is traveling with.

Over the years, visa procedures have extensively changed due to the external affairs of both countries. Currently, India and UAE are having a cordial relationship and so the respective citizens of both countries are obtaining visas without any hassle. citizens can now apply for tourist, business, transit visa with minimum documents and in a very short period of time they can avail the permission to visit UAE.

The documents required to get tourist visa are:

  • The online visa application must be filled properly. An incomplete application may face rejection.
  • You must have confirmed flight tickets
  • Passport should be valid for maximum 6 months from the date of departure
  • Clear passport photo

The documents for business visa:                      

  • If you are going there for a job you must have an offer letter from your recruiter and for business purpose you must give them a copy of your registered company
  • You need to undergo a medical test to rule out the chances of tuberculosis, hepatitis. The aim of the medical test is to prevent spreading of the disease.
  • Valid passport
  • A copy of entry permit from ministry of labor

The documents for transit visa are:

  • Confirmed tickets to UAE country. Passengers travelling on code-share flights will not be eligible
  • A clear passport copy for each passenger. The passport should be valid for maximum 6 months at the time of applying for visa.

If you are still confused about the rules and regulations of availing a visa, it is better to seek guidance from Dubai Visa Consultant in Delhi. They are well-versed in all visa procedure, having 30 years of experience in the field. The team of Dubai visa agent in Delhi is round the clock ready to assist you with anything you may require. They will take over your responsibility and apply for visa on behalf of you and at the end, within two to four working days, you will receive visa and OTB without any complications.

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