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Different Types of Pressure Washers That you May Not Know About

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Did you know when was the pressure washer invented? Actually, the concept of it was discovered in 1926 by Frank W. Ofeldt II when he was designing a portable whiskey when he discovered the strange phenomenon of his design’s steam. 

He then thought of making a cleaning contraption by collaborating with the Homestead Valve Company for a pump casting. Later with the help of his friend Frederick E. Schuchman Sr., they made the contraption and name it the “High Pressure Vapor Spray Generator”. Later, it was named “High-Pressure Jenny” who was one of the world’s greatest female impersonators of the 20th century.

Even today, pressure washers are sometimes known as “high-pressure Jennys” or “steam Jennys”. Nowadays, you can find pressure washers in almost every home as it is great for removing grime, dust, loose paint, mold, algae, mud, and grime from surfaces and objects like buildings, fences, concrete or asphalt surfaces, and many more places. 

If you don’t have pressure washer at home then you can call cleaning companies including Clear Reflections Window Cleaning which provides professional pressure cleaning services in Virginia. While if you wish to buy one then here is the guide for different types of pressure washers that you can opt for. 

Cold Water Pressure Washer

The most common type of pressure washer is the cold water pressure washer. This is because they are the most affordable to produce and easier to use as well. Coldwater pressure washers are very popular among homeowners as they are very convenient and can perform many household tasks. You can clean your siding, deck, and other structures around your property. 

Some people even use these cold water pressure washers clear old paint off their decks and barns so you know that they are quite powerful. 

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Another type of pressure washers are the hot water ones that are used by businesses. Hot type of pressure washers has several advantages over the cold water types. One of them is that these pressure washers can reach temperatures of up to 311o F. Water with such temperature can be used to clean many things with much more ease. 

You can wash surfaces with oil or grease without using much detergent. This makes hot water pressure washers much more convenient than the cold ones. Moreover, drying times are also significantly faster when you use hot water as it evaporates more quickly. However, when you are using hot water pressure washers, you need to stay more careful and use it properly.

Electric Pressure Washer

Another common type of pressure washers is the electric pressure washer. These are really convenient to use and are generally pretty lightweight. Electric pressure washers can take care of any normal washing needs. You can also get an electric pressure washer with more power and with certain desirable features. 

Although, these pressure washers are limited in their power output by their electrical outlet that they are getting their energy from. Moreover, the biggest advantage of these electric pressure washers is that they don’t make much noise at all. 

Gas Powered Pressure Washer

If you are looking for more powerful pressure washers that can be carried anywhere than opt for gas-powered pressure washers. These washers are much more powerful than the electric ones. That means they do a bigger job in an effective way with ease! Apart from that, there are several aspects of using gas-powered pressure washers. 

Gas-powered ones are more compact than electric ones and are not tethered to any sort of cords, which means you can freely roam on your property. While you can also get things done quickly and could able to make short work of even large jobs when you have a really powerful pressure washer. 

The only problem with these gas-powered pressure washers is that it makes a significant amount of noise and fumes which can really bother some people. 

Wrapping Up

The above mentioned are some of the types of pressure washers that you can buy depending on your needs and budgets. However, if you don’t want to invest in pressure washers then you can hire professionals such as Clear Reflections Window Cleaning that offers pressure washing cleaning services along with window cleaning in Virginia

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