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Effective Strategies for Using SEO on Instagram for Boosting Social Marketing

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Instagram is a robust social media channel that has been gaining increasing popularity as an effective marketing tool. It is basically, a visual social networking site that has become the ultimate destination for numerous brands for learning effective tricks to use SEO for pushing their unique brand messaging.

Instagram meant for social marketing necessitates the content curator to master the art of using photography along with relevant hashtags and short text descriptions in a creative manner. If you have been working on your Instagram account and have obtained a reasonably good reach, it is high time; you learned effective ways of using SEO on Instagram for boosting social marketing.

As per, “Social and SEO interconnect but does social engagement affect SERP rankings? According to Social Media Week and Search Engine Roundtable, Google has officially said it does not use social media for ranking.  That said social engagement is a byproduct of quality content which in turn generates inbound links, mentions, lower bounce and repeat readers.” We understand that these are supposed to be SEO signals that search engines are bothered about. You must consider building rapport, engagement, and even influence as a top priority if you are planning to use the Instagram platform for social marketing.

Identify Your Brand’s Message

You must consider aligning your endeavors with precisely your brand’s messaging as the first concrete step forward toward generating good SEO on the visual-oriented platform called Instagram. Use just a few keywords and short key phrases along with certain relevant hashtags regularly. Your solid brand message may be ready but you need to consider one important thing, that is, Instagram is predominantly a visual platform and it is all about high-quality images and videos. So it is a good idea to shorten your specific brand message and focus on representing your brand effectively through great visuals.

Consider Hosting Contests for Prizes

While numerous brands have been hosting contests on several other social media platforms, businesses are realizing that Instagram is a fabulous resource that is just witnessing the real influx of contests. Businesses could consider investing some money for holding contests and giving away prizes to the participants who are entering their company’s or brand’s contest on Instagram. This sort of marketing gimmick could win you thousands of real Instagram followers.

Use Data for Effectively Determining Strategy

We come across a huge amount of data regarding if Google is indexing social media profiles or not. Even though search engines such as Google and Bing may admit that indexing social profiles do play an integral role in most search engine results, they have not clearly defined the scope of the role. Irrespective of the present status of whether the search engines are actually ranking your social networking sites or not, you are still required to focus your attention on SEO for boosting social marketing because search engines are dynamic and consistently evolving.

Seek Influencer Marketing

An effective and creative way of using Instagram for boosting social marketing is considering the use of influencers for pushing your brand messaging. We know that influencers could be well-known bloggers, celebrities, or even well-connected individuals who are having a large following. Identify influencers that are compatible with your niche on Instagram. You must get in touch with influencers for asking if they would post your content for free merchandise or fees.

Advertise Using Instagram for Business

Lastly, you could effectively use your Instagram for Business account for advertising your brand’s message for boosting visibility and your brand’s overall online presence. Once you have identified the hashtags and keywords that should be working best for boosting social marketing, you could definitely, venture into advertising.


If you use the above-discussed strategies, you could be effectively fine-tuning your Instagram account for perfect SEO. You would be quickly identifying your followers, and there would be a boost in engagement, and overall reach since you devoted some time and effort to optimize your content on Instagram for boosting social marketing.

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