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Financial Manager: How This Tool Can Help Your Business

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Does your company already have a financial manager?

This tool is very useful for the greater organization of the entrepreneur and the better control of money.

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You should be curious to know how financial management software works.

But before that, think about it: how do you take care of the company’s money?

How many hours per week do you spend to make cash flow and analyze your performance?

The truth is that few entrepreneurs really see in financial control their real importance.

What is a financial manager for companies?

Do you know what is one of the main reasons many entrepreneurs leave the financial management of their companies in the background?

The fact that they are stuck in the past.

Yes it’s true.

In practice, often the few controls adopted are manual, impractical, boring, and time consuming.

You take the paper to write down an entry in the box and you are not motivated to do so.

He registers the first, the second feels tired, the third leaves later and the fourth is forgotten.

The feature is interesting and a bit more practical as it leaves the paper and replaces the pen with the computer keyboard.

It also has the benefit of automatic calculation of values, which is done from formulas applied in Excel or Google Drive .

But gradually you realize that it is still not ideal.

As you acquire knowledge and dedicate yourself to control, you see that you need something more modern, easy, fast and worthy of being called a solution.

For it solves your need. That’s where the financial manager comes in, a valuable tool to help you manage the finances of your business.

We are talking about an online operating software .

That can be accessed by both the computer and mobile devices, via mobile or tablet applications.

Its differential lies in technology.

This allows you to automate a series of routine tasks necessary to maintain the financial health of a business.

Among other functions, the tool allows monitoring of the complete situation of the company.

Through it, you can monitor revenues and expenses, check balance behavior, manage collections, receipts, and payments.

It truly is a business financial control solution.

Because it organizes information, provides accurate diagnostics, and ensures data security and privacy.

By using a financial manager, it is easier to open your eyes to the reality of the company and make decisions more assertively.

On this point, it is worth mentioning a phrase by Franklin Filgueira.

Specialist in finance, who stated in a speech held in 2015 by the Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises of Ceara (Sebrae-CE):

“The financial is much more the thermometer than the engine in the company. It reveals what happens in the company.

So it’s an important tool to alert the other sectors whether the company is going well or not, “he said at the opportunity.

Imagine having the idea of ​​investing in the company, whether in its expansion or in launching a new product or service, without knowing that the moment is financially critical?

In this scenario, the correct one would be to promote adjustments, reduce expenses and go out of the red .

But how would you figure that out if you can not focus on controlling the finances in the company?

A management software can do this for you.

Understand why automating business organization helps financial control


Do you know the service that you hired and that the payment was agreed in five installments?

When did you pay the first two?

What is the next due date?

Will there be cash on hand to fulfill the commitment?

Do not be alarmed by so many questions. The automation of the process takes the hassle out for you.

Just get your cell phone, access the manager and check in the payments section.

You will find all the information about those already made and the accounts to win.

With this level of organization, you will never again have to pay interest and penalties for missing an expiration date.


You closed a sale, but you do not remember if you charged the customer.

There are so many things to think about at the same time and this can happen.

You think you issued a ticket, but you’re not sure. Let’s end any doubt?

On your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can check the status of your receipts.

Thanks to the automation of the process, the action taken (such as the ticket issue ) is registered and your payment pending.

When the money goes into the account, the status is updated automatically.

A wonder, is not it?

Say goodbye to the lack of control of bad debt .

If the customer is late, you will not be late for anything.

So you can take the necessary steps in time.


On a day-to-day basis, depending on the activity performed , your carton may be in constant motion.

When this happens, it may be difficult to get quick access to the available balance if it is needed.

After all, if the control is manual, the calculations will also be.

By adopting an automated tool, the balance will be updated without your intervention, whenever a new movement is registered in the cashier.

With an online financial manager, you no longer have that history of:

observe the amount and pick up the calculator to discount the latest expenses and thus find out the updated balance. It’s all pretty practical.

Cashier results

The graphical analysis is one of the main instruments provided by a manager.

This type of representation makes information about the company’s financial behavior more clear.

The most basic of elements is the graph in lines, one representing the entries in the box and the other the outputs.

By applying it over a given period, it is possible to identify whether the scenario is positive and demand affirmative or negative and requires corrections.

When you have an online management tool, this type of analysis is built automatically from the data available in the system.

That is, as revenue and expenses are recorded, you can generate new charts.

Visualization of the element results in one of the best ways to understand the timing of the company and to project its future by making decisions based on accurate information.

What are the benefits to your business?

Now, we already know how an online financial manager works.

We’ve learned some of your applications and found out how automating processes can be useful for routine administrator tasks.

But we have not yet detailed the key benefits of the tool for your business.

Let’s get to know them better?

Best organization

Do you know that little expense you wrote somewhere in the notebook, just do not remember where or the value involved?

The manager places order in the financial life of your company and all the data stays in its proper place.

Greater control

The more organized the information, the more accessible it becomes.

The combination of these two factors qualifies control, as everything becomes clear and nothing escapes your radar.

Facilitated management

The tool exists to make the life of the entrepreneur uncomplicated .

Even those who know nothing about numbers and calculations can handle a business financial manager because it is very intuitive.

Another good example of a tool that facilitates the life of the entrepreneur is ERP software . Tools that allow you to better manage and control the tasks of your business.

Time saving

Because it makes it easier to perform financial management tasks, the manager allows you to track the business without resulting in wasted time with it.

The tool integrates with your routine and you do not even feel it, because no other activity is affected.

Increased mobility

This benefit is especially important for the moving entrepreneur, the one who does not work in one place, as a consultant.

Through a manager, wherever you are, you can quickly check the financial information you need.

Gain in safety

Stored in the cloud , your financial information is protected from prying eyes.

Only you have access, only you update the data and nobody can use it for purposes harmful to your business.

Also in the security aspect, it is worth noting that there is no possibility of losing information due to a file being corrupted, for example.

Since it does not exist physically on your device.

And the costs?

A possible focus of entrepreneurs’ resistance to more modern management may be in price.

After all, in small businesses, all spending should be very well planned, even if it is an investment, as is the case of a management tool.

Is it expensive? Are there more affordable plans?

Can I afford this monthly amount?

Is it worth it for an MEI to make this investment or is it a luxury?

If your concern is with a possible expense, rest assured.

There are financial manager options for all budgets – and this includes quite tight budget companies.

As a general rule, the price varies depending on the number of features offered. There are even good options at zero cost.

That’s right: we’re talking about a totally free tool.

So before you think about how much a financial manager will cost you, worry about identifying what demands on your business will come in handy.

The uses we have mentioned so far are part of a basic package and are usually present in whatever model you choose.

Need more? What exactly do you need?

Issuance of tickets, cash flow, bank reconciliation , accounting integration and management reports are some of the possibilities.

Although all this and a little more is offered, the competition in this market is fierce, which results in advantages to the entrepreneurs.

That is, the perfect solution for your company can cost little, almost nothing.

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