Five Ways to Stay Cool on Your Summer Holidays

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Summer is knocking at the door and we already have started feeling the heat of the scorching sun. Stepping out in the afternoon during summer is a terrible experience and we prefer not to go out at any cost. But along with the scorching sun, summer brings holidays and this the season of the year when we get relaxation from our hectic schedule. We all make plans and save bucks from our salary and work one or two hour extra in the office to get extra money to make our dream summer vacation possible.

With the temperature on the rise, we all want to stay fit and cool during summer. But what to do when you are holidaying far away from your home? How to remain cool and enjoy the trip, when the sun is above our head? There are myriad of ways to do to stay cool and fresh even when the heat is on its peak. Most of us prefer beach vacation during summer, where it is all sunny, yet you can feel the soothing breeze of coming from the ocean. As the concern for global warming is increasing day by day, this summer certainly will be an energy scorcher.

So, how will you manage to keep yourself cool from such heat? Before you embark on your holiday, it is recommended to stay prepared before the sun soaks you up.

Be hydrated…..always

There’s no need for a brief explanation as to how and why we should keep ourselves hydrated. Many of us don’t have the habit of carrying a water bottle while traveling as we feel it to be an extra burden. We just walk away thinking whenever we feel thirsty we will buy a bottle of water. But it is not necessary that you will find a shop selling mineral water wherever you feel the need for quenching your thirst. Bring water while travelling during summer and keep yourself hydrated.

Take care of your skin

Our skin is the first organ of our body that feels the heat of the sun. Use sunscreen, wear loose cotton clothes, sunglass, flipflops, summer hat and bring an umbrella along with you. A comfortable cotton clothes not only allows better air condition but also absorbs sweat. Keep in mind that you are on a vacation at a new place and the weather may not suit you. Be prepare for the worsts.

Eat less spicy, more healthy

Your diet during summer and that too while on a trip to another place, is another important factor to keep a watch on. Eat food, which contains minerals and water. Fruits, vegetables, juice are the best option to beat the heat. It is not the season for street food, so avoid as much as possible.

Step out before sunshine or after sunset

It is better to avoid the sun as much as you can. If not necessary, step out after sunset as many places have vibrant nightlife and you definitely don’t want to miss it. Early sunshine or post sunset excursions are always better than getting exhausted soon.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol should be strictly avoided when you know you are going to travel in the sun. It is absolutely harmful to you to drink and travel under the scorching sun. A drink might sound tempting but a healthy vacation is what you want at the moment.

Whether you are dreaming to spend your summer days in hopping the beaches of Maldives or Goa, or a trip to any European country, taking precaution is always better than cure. It is the peak season for the globetrotters to pack their bags and start travelling around the world. So before you run out of flight tickets, book yours as soon as possible from an online booking portal for domestic and international flights.

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