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The invention of Java and Flash technology and the increasing availability and subscription to broadband instead of calls have a great impact on online games.

Flash and related technologies have made online games total jerk face a great leap from games that were once simple and quite slow to load with limited graphics, to complex, fun, interactive games and technology used for audio capable of integrate. and video streaming in their games, which has opened up a whole range of games of chance.

The range of genres within the category of flash games is huge. But the simple, free, seem to be:

Bejeweled I thought it was too addictive and fun, it’s about putting all the colored jewels in line with every movement on the board. It is a ‘jewel of play’. If you like this, try the online version of the Rubix cube or the 3D logic cube (as it is called online) also your ship.

If you like to shoot balloons at a party, check out the game Bloons. You have to make them explode (very satisfactory), but it becomes more difficult to blow them up with your dart at all levels.

One game that has taken the world by storm is Desktop Tower Defense. It is a war that is played on the desktop of your PC! While looking for the action, I found Matrix Rampage, where the movements are like those of the movies and the advantage is that playing is easy to follow (unlike some of the movies). Talking about movie-based games is the most popular, especially because of its novelty factor, it resembles Snakes On A Plane. Let’s face it. It is not often to find a game in which you have to shoot the snakes.

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There are two more that are great for when you’re bored with Flash Hero and Cat Ninja Games, one for music teachers. It’s not unlike the popular Guitar Hero game, so if you’re away from your PlayStation in the office miles, this should satisfy your need to play the strings. Another relief from boredom in the office, which I liked about the proper name of Bin Ball Wizard. The configuration of the game is the office and you must put your paper in the trash, and to put it on the network, you must shoot in the right direction and give the right power to your shot. A typical day at the office!

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