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Four Must-have Features for Uber for Cleaning Services

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This informatory page will help startups and entrepreneurs to develop the next Uber for cleaning services. On-demand services can be delivered through on-demand apps. Business owners can connect service providers and users with the help of on-demand apps, and generate income without any investment. On-demand apps not only provide reliable and affordable services but customizable too; tap and services get delivered at the doorsteps. Now, users can easily connect to service providers. There are different features to add but some features play an important role in creating the next Uber.

4 Must-have Features for Uber

Versatile Solution

Users looking for cleaning services may look for different types of household chores. Different factors play an important role in the success of any app. For example, you can include the following services.

  • Residential Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning
  • Car Washing

Easy-to-use or User-friendly Interface

The contemporary outlook, with easy-to-use options, is the most feature that has to be considered. An outdated design cannot create interest among users and can be the main cause of the declining rate of customers.

A personalized booking option will let users to book services anytime and anywhere; for example, users or customers can easily book the service instantly or schedule for later.

An organized interface will assist users to understand the working and let them choose the preferred service.

Advanced Search

An advanced search option will allow users to choose the desired service as per their exact needs or requirements. Users can easily trace and request for the nearest service provider within a few taps. Further, they can share their live location and trace service providers’ location through GPS. Using the filter option, customers or users can evaluate and contact service providers as per their personalized requirements. They can easily evaluate the profile of service providers and check details related to them. The profile info will show the years of experience, names, photos and other details associated with them.

Users can filter and choose service providers as per cost, expertise, and other such factors.

A. Integrated Payment Gateways

An integrated platform will allow users to pay easily. The unavailability of multiple payment gateways will not let users select the desired option for payment. This can directly affect the business. In addition to the credit card, debit card payment, users or customers can choose third-party payment gateways like Google Pay.

We have discussed the important features of an app like Uber. There will be apps provided for users, customers and business owners. Besides the above features, there are some other important features for an on-demand house cleaning app like Uber. The following features can be considered other than the above must-have features for the app.

B. Responsive Web Panel

A responsive web panel allows the working of the app on PCs, desktops, laptops, etc. This allows the easy adjustability of the app on multiple systems.

C. White Label Solution

A white label solution can be resold by different companies as they had made it.

D. Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface works in the same way as users expect it. This is designed as per the users’ mental model.

E. One-time Registration

Users and service providers can create their account by using the one-time registration. For example, users can register through phone number, email social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

F. Dashboard:

Business owners can easily keep eyes on commissions earned, requests, cancellations, and other details. Now, they can easily track service providers’ location and keep track of the whole process.


The above features are an important part of an app like Uber. Adding them during the app development will help in formulating an advanced app.

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