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FSSAI Clears Tata Salt of Fake Cyanide Row, Says it’s Safe

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The popularity of Tata as a brand is not limited to India; over the years, this brand has emerged as a global name across multiple sectors.

Tata Salt has been a pioneer in its segment. They were the first brand to emphasise on the importance of consuming iodised salt for human development. Tata Salt took the initiative to spread awareness about the same and had attempted to popularise the ‘Salt Iodisation Movement’ in India.

Even though Tata and its products have been a household name in India for decades, a sudden burst of ‘fake news’ prompted people to raise questions about its authenticity.

Recently, Tata Salt had become a victim at the hands of half-baked facts and fake news.  A rumour was doing rounds on social media websites. It stated that Tata Salt was using alarming levels of cyanide in their product. Cyanide being a harmful agent, this news alarmed the public to a great extent.

Later, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) stepped in and cleared the air about this whole unfortunate incident. They stated that ‘ferrocyanides’ are permitted food additives which are widely used in food-grade salts in various countries including the United States, China, Australia, Canada and New Zealand but within a permissible limit. It serves as an anti-caking agent which prevents granulated ingredients from accumulating. The official report of FSSAI and other research findings cleared all doubts of the public and calmed their fears.

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It was not the first time that a famous brand like Tata had fallen prey to such baseless rumours. Brands like Cadbury, Ashirvaad Ata and others have suffered from similar incidents and faced severe repercussions because of the same.

Once the FSSAI released their official declaration on social platforms, Tata Salt was absolved of all allegations.  After the entire row subsided and the truth came out, the public has regained their faith towards their beloved ‘Desh ka namak’ and continue to show their untainted support towards this brand.

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