Games Trending Online for Android Platform

Games Trending Online for Android Platform

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When compared to iOS, Android has a lot of games on its play store, and on expected lines, they are on the rise. The element of fun increases when you play games on Android as compared to the iOS platform, as most of the games are free on iOS devices that are a proven luxury. In addition, Android devices have heavy duty processors or GPUS are ultrafast taking your game experience to a new level.

Now with a plethora of options, which one you are going to choose? No need to worry as due to 9apps download, there is a list of games that you can enjoy. No way has it mattered if you need a simulation or a single person shooting, these are the trending 9apps games for Android.

8 Ball pool

Similar to my grandmother in age, for Android devices, it is one of the popular games played of late. The functional module of the game is fairly simple and if you are not aware to play pool this is the best time to sharpen your skills virtually.

In the last couple of years Mini clip has gone on to evolve more games and all of them hit the 8 ball pool. In this game, there is an online edition where you end up playing with another opponent online. With an increase in demand, this game has gone on to add a 9th ball that provides the best gaming modes.

Games Trending Online

If you are into snooker or pool, this game would be the right one for you.


Another game that is similar to PUBG has generated a lot of attention at the global level. Virtually, a battle royal game adding an element of interactivity where you end up playing with other players. It can be compared to a PUBG but it is a lot different as in cartoons animated graphics are found with unique multiple elements making the game bearable and an amazing affair.

One of the striking features of this game is a superior multiplayer mechanism that no other form of multiplayer is expected to provide. New challenging tasks are provided and with weekly patches, things are going to be fairly unpredictable as on a week by week basis things are expected to change. No doubts it proves to be an excellent game and a lot of credit is to be given to a handgun mechanism because it works out to be tricky and your cognitive skills come into play.

Clash Royale

Another great value addition to the Android play store family. The fan base of this game is great just about similar to a strategy clash of clans. It works out to be a card modeled game where players are known to be fighting against each other within a PUV battle in order to become the best among the lot. Considering the fact that this is a multiplayer game, this works out to be a good pick. The game is still picked over the other games.

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