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Hip Injury Types, Causes, Treatment and Compensation


Hip pain is a term that is used for pain felt in or around the hip joints. The hip injuries can significantly impact your ability to do your work or performing daily tasks. Severe hip injuries can have devastating and life-changing effects. However, some bad hip injuries can also ruin your professional and private life. If you get hurt due to other’s mistake you can register a compensation claim against him.

The following are the common hip injuries:

Broken Hip

A hip fracture can occur at any age, anywhere, but this injury is most common in people age 65 and older. Mostly the Women are the victims of this injury. In younger people, they can get a hip injury in an accident at work, or in a car accident. But when you are patient of osteoporosis, due to weakening bones a minor fall can break your hip.


A hip dislocation occurs when the ball at the top of the femur slips out of the socket, causing severe pain and inability to move the leg. Usually, it is due to a strong force applied in pelvic area in a car accident, slip and trip or accident at work.

Labral Tear

Hip Labral tear is damage to the cartilage that surrounds the edge of the socket in the pelvis. This injury can occur as the result of repetitive use of the hip. This injury can occur due to falling from height and accident and can be seen in the early stages of osteoarthritis

Snapping Sensation

In this, you feel snapping sensation in the hip with or without the popping sound and pain sometimes can be inflamed and more painful. Snapping hip syndrome may occur in athletes and soccer players due to the repetitive motion.

Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis is swelling and inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs that lubricate the joints. It is irritated with walking or any activity that causes the tendon to move over the bone.

What to do after an accident?

  • If you get the minor hip injury and you can move without any trouble, make an appointment to a physician for the treatment of the injury. The injury is more serious and severe you can call an ambulance for first aid and rescue. If you think your injury is severe, don’t move your leg because the movement of the damaged part can cause you severe and long-term damage.
  • Make sure that you give each and every detail to your doctor about the accident and injury. Doctors will mention this in the medical & treatment report. This can lead you to the injury claim process.
  • You get a hip injury at work, you should make sure that someone has recorded your accident. This can be your work mate or colleagues who witnessed the accident.
  • Have you got any marking due to the accident? If so and if possible take photographs. You can seek the help of someone to take photos if you can’t move.

Get advice and help about Compensation

After the initial treatment, you can consult solicitors to get a free advice about a hip injury. Hip has a complex structure made up of bones, soft tissues, ligaments, and joints. So always consult with experienced Personal injury solicitor Bolton who can give you clear information about the claim method and procedure.

Bear in mind that there is no limit of the hip injury compensation amount. You will get compensation according to the damage to your body and your professional life. It also depends how long you take bed rest and face unemployment.

In short, if you face hip injury due to someone else’s mistake and ignorance, with the help of personal injury Solicitor you can claim compensation which can help you to maintain your financial and private life.

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