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How Marine Casting is Taking Industry to the Next Level

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The world is industrialized and globalized that has helped marine castings manufacturers to promote their products globally. The metal casting process is critical to industries because it helps in increasing the strength of the metal. Later, the produced casted metal is used in various industries because of its strength properties.

Which cast metal is used in the marine industry?

The list includes many ranges of metals when it comes to marine sector, however, the most common one is the aluminium and its alloys. The high weight ratio, as well as the non-corrosive nature of the metal property makes it perfect for marine applications.

Why is aluminium alloy used in marine applications?

There are various reasons for using aluminium alloy in this kind of applications; some of which are:-

  • It is a very active metal, which implies that it oxidizes very easily.
  • They are non-corrosive metals which increase the life span of the metal in water, which can easily corrode iron.
  • They react with oxygen to form aluminium oxide, which forms a layer on the surface, which seals the underneath aluminium from any further reaction.

Why Aluminum Casting for Marine Application?

The casting methods used in marine casting are- gravity casting, die casting and sand casting. The process which is selected basically depends on the structure of the component. If the component has a thin wall thickness than die casting is used, while if the quantity is not large than gravity casting is taken in use.

Gravity casting has another advantage that it saves cost but the fact that it cannot be used for the large quantity of a single product. It will lead to more time wastage. The reasons for using casting in the marine industry are:-

  • Some metals can only be cast as they cannot be re-modelled into bars, rods, plates etc.
  • The process is very adaptable to the requirement of mass production.
  • Some aluminium alloys can only be produced using the casting process.
  • They have excellent bearing qualities.

Some marine applications where casted metal is used

There are a lot of places in the marine industries where aluminium alloy is used. The core areas where it is used are:-

  • Power steering units
  • Cleats, handles, brackets, covers and other boat hardware
  • Enclosures for marine electronics
  • Marine engines
  • Heat exchangers

Advantages of using aluminium alloy in marine applications

There are many industrial benefits of using aluminium alloy in the marine industry some of which are:-

  • Low cost, precision, long life tooling
  • Unit cost savings over alternate manufacturing methods
  • Durable, cleanable surfaces which can be painted, powder coated or anodized
  • Lightweight aluminium alloys have great strength
  • Able to cast intricate features
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Aluminium alloys provide a lot of advantages to the marine industry which is the reason it is the most used marine casting metal as well as the main applications of aluminium alloys come in this industry.

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