How To Choose The Best Multitool For Your Santa Cruz Mountain Bike

How To Choose The Best Multitool For Your Santa Cruz Mountain Bike

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Though a bike multitool is not useful for serious cyclists only, not all cyclists buy multitools with Santa Cruz mountain bikes. When you are buying a multitool, you are buying a number of trailside and roadside essentials. It comes with all the tools you might need and does not contain tools you are least likely to require. This tool brings you the convenience of carrying more essentials while weighing less. So, in this article, you will see how to choose multitool for Santa Cruz mountain bikes or any other bike.

Here are the factors you should consider while buying a multi-tool:

Ease of use:

A tool in a multitool is surrounded by other tools. Short size also makes it difficult to access hard-to-reach nuts and bolts. Consider the size of the tool to make sure that it is easy to use.


You can use the multitool to tension spokes, tighten loose bolts, fix the chain, adjust gears and brakes and remove the wheels and tires. It is not designed to do every job. However, you can use this tool to do most to repairs.


The weight of a multitool with a chain tool is around 100-200g. A minimalist tool without a chain tool weighs less than 50g. You can easily keep it in the smallest seatpack. A good multitool is designed to fit in your hand.


The side-plates of multitools are made from different materials including carbon fiber, plastic, wood and aluminum. All materials are OK for side-plates. Tools are made from hardened steel such as chrome-vanadium. You can increase the durability of your multitool with light occasional lubrication and tightening at the pivot.

Multitools come in handy when it comes to roadside adjustments and fixes. You can use it to adjust seatpost, saddle or handlebars. You can use tire levers of your multitool if you have got a puncture. If a spoke is broken, you can use the spoke key to unscrew the spoke needle. The link remover can be used to remove the broken link if the chain snaps.
There are many cyclists around you not having a multitool of their own. Your multitool can be of great help for other cyclists having some issues with their bikes.

What tools you need to have in your multitool depends on how far you are going from civilization. If you are going for a long ride in one of the least explored areas, you are not going to find a cycle repair shop there. You need to carry every necessary tool to make it home. Keep a set of hex keys with you if you are just puttering around the town.

A multitool should have at least the following tools:

Allen keys:

5mm keys are the most common Allen keys. However, you might need keys of some other size. So, choose according to your needs.

How To Choose The Best Multitool For Your Santa Cruz Mountain Bike


Most of the multitools for bikes have a Phillips screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver. Some tools come with a Torx screwdriver as well.

Chain link remover:

Many multitools come without a chain link remover. You do not need to buy a separate chain link remover if you are buying a multitool with chain link remover.

Spoke Key:

You need this tool to remove the broken spoke.

Tire Levers:

Some bike multitools come with tire levers as well.

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