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How To Clean Antique Copper And Bronze Items?

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Many homeowners around the world have the crazy habit of possessing antique metals in the form of copper or bronze bowls, candlesticks, and many more. When it comes to maintenance of these antique items, they are confused and fail to care their possessions as these items tend to lose their appearance over a period of time due to oxidation. Those who wish to know how to clean these antique items, read this short article that offers some useful tips on this given subject.

  • Cleaning Antique items: In general, to rinse antique copper or bronze items with soap water, one needs to have clean water, paintbrush, mild soap, soft clothes. With this type of cleaning things like fingerprints, dirt can be removed without disturbing the patinas formed over a period of time. The cleaning process includes cleaning the surface dirt with a paintbrush, cleaning the items with the soap water that does not have any chemicals. Cleaning should not be done with great force, and the items are to be kept for some time for drying. For more details, buyers can use the guidelines given while you Buy Handicrafts Products Online stores.
  • Clean bronze items:  Being strong metal homeowners tend to get this metal in the form of vases, candle holders, and so on. Though this metal is strong, one should not use any abrasive cleaners as they may damage the surface quickly. While you Buy Handicrafts Online India and choose bronze metal follow the instructions as per the Indian Handicrafts Online Shopping guidelines. Items like baking soda and lemon juice can be mixed in the right proportions to form a paste. The paste can be applied on the surface to remove the dirt and other stains.
  • Boil to clean copper: When you Buy Handicrafts Online, some interesting facts are shared on how to clean copper items. It has been suggested that boiling is one of the best ways to clean copper items.  One can mix a glass full of vinegar, a spoon full of salt and five cups of water. All these items can be filled in a saucepan and allow this mixture to boil. Drop the copper item into the pan and boil it till the stains and dirt are removed. This method is pretty useful in cleaning small copper items which are kept as decorative pieces in the drawing room. For cleaning large copper items, one can take guidance from the Indian Handicrafts Online where the experts offer various methods to clean things like small statues, idols, etc.

 That is all about the cleaning of copper, bronze antiques. The colour of these antiques will surely change with time. If you are still confused and fear in cleaning your valuable possessions, it is better to consult an antique expert for this particular task.

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