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How to Find the Right Pet Sitter for Your Dog

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If you have pets, you might know how difficult it is to leave your pet alone, while going on a job tour or family trip.  No matter how many options you have, it needs time to look for the right pet sitter or kennel for your dog.

Hiring a sitter is the right option when you need to go on a family holiday. You can also choose to leave your dog at a kennel, but there are many animals there, and your pet may not get the care and attention it needs.

Therefore, choosing a qualified pet sitter to take care of your dog is the best option. However, finding the right pet sitter is not easy. One needs to consider many things before selecting the right candidate for their pet. Check these factors that you must consider while looking for a pet sitter.

Start early!

Beginning early is the key to find anything and achieve success. Finding a suitable sitter takes time and you need to spare some time researching the available pet sitters. If you start searching one week prior to the date of leaving for your trip, you may not find the right sitter.

Starting early offers you time for adequate research and find the right candidate for your dog who can satisfy all your requirements within your budget. Therefore, you must start searching at least a month before leaving for your vacation.

Ask your friends and neighbours!

The most common way to search for anything is to search online, but people trust their friends more than websites. The work of mouth matters the most when you are looking for something new. Ask your friends, colleagues and neighbours if they have used the services of a pet sitter. They may recommend a good pet sitter at affordable pricing.

Search online

All the reputed pet sitters and pet sitting services have an online presence. You can search the in home pet sitting services online to find the available pet sitters serving in your area. Visit their websites and check the types of services and prices for the same. Some pet sitting companies have a variety of plans and packages to select. You can choose a plan as per your budget and requirements.

Contact the pet sitters

After you find some reputed pet sitting services, you should start contacting them by phone or email. Ask them about the services they offer, and the price they charge for them. If you find a suitable plan on their website, you can inquire about that plan and tell them your requirements. It may take you around three days to a week to find a suitable sitter. However, you should select at least three to four sitters to choose the best among them.

Hire an insured pet sitter

It is best to hire the insured pet sitters as the job involves some risks. Never hire a non-insured pet sitter as it can be a risk to you and the sitter. Pet sitters are prone to risks of attack by animals, especially by aggressive dogs. If you hire an insured pet sitter, the insurance company covers any harm to the animal or sitter while he or she is with your dog. 

Call the sitters to visit your home

Once you select three to four sitters for your dog, you must call them one by one at your home to have a personal meeting. Ask them questions that can help you know more about them such as their qualification, experience, whey they love pets, types of pets they handle, etc.

While they visit your home, you can allow them to meet your pet to check how comfortable your dog is in their company. If your dog behaves good, it means it is comfortable with the sitter. Call them one by one at different times and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Let them spend time with your dog!

It is best to call the pet sitters in the morning or evening as you can ask them to spend time with your dog. Ask the pet sitter to play with your dog or take it for a walk to check if they are comfortable in each other’s company. Make sure the sitter understands the behaviour of your dog.

Do not hire a sitter with whom your dog is not comfortable or if he barks or attempts to attack him/her. It means that your dog does not like the sitter, and you need to hire another person.

Final Words

These tips will help you in finding the right pet sitter for your dog. Starting your research early, asking the friends, colleagues and calling them for a trial can help you find a suitable sitter. Considering the above tips can help any pet parent to select the right caretaker for their pet.

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