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How to Make Your Workplace Fire Safe

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A fire at a workplace can be one of the most dangerous hazards for the employees and business assets. Fires at an office can lead to severe injuries to employees and damage to the property. So fire safety is essential for any workplace.

Unexpected fires break out due to many ignored factors like faulty gas lines, electrical equipment, wrong storage of flammables, etc. The business owners need to take care of fire safety at their offices to keep their employees and property safe.

There are many things that business owners need to consider for making the workplaces fire safe. This post shares some methods for the safety of employees and workplaces. electricial maintenance qld helps to safe your workplace.

Electric circuits

According to research, 80 percent of the fires are caused due to short circuits and malfunctioning or electrical equipment. It is essential to regularly check the electrical circuits and maintain them in good condition. The fire panels should be easily accessible so that they can be turned off whenever required in case of fire. 

Electrical Appliances

The electrical appliances at a workplace should be always in perfect condition. Any loose connections can cause sparks and overheating of appliances that lead to fires. The light bulbs, the computers, printers, modems, refrigerator and other electrical devices should be placed in a ventilated environment. All these devices generate heat and need proper circulation of air to release the heat and prevent overheating.

Paper and waste disposal

The waste paper quickly catches fire and also helps spread it faster. The housekeeping staff should clean the bins daily and should not allow them to fill with waste. Most of the waste materials in the workplaces is paper, and it can be the catalyst for fire. Therefore, it is essential to dispose of the waste at least twice a day and keep the bins as clean as possible.

Storage of chemicals and flammables

The chemicals and flammable materials are the most hazardous and catch fires quickly. They should be stored carefully in a restricted area that is accessible only by the professionals. Moreover, there small sources of fire like matchbox, cigarette lighters or other items should not be allowed in the area for storage of chemicals and flammables.

Fire safety training

Every company should offer fire safety training to its employees to let them know how to respond in fire breakouts. Training is also essential to keep the workplace safe from fires. The employers can arrange to conduct the training sessions to teach the employees about the necessary fire safety skills and tips to maintain the workplaces. The employees can learn to prevent the fires and use the evacuation routes in case of fire breakouts. Trainers also teach the employees the use of firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers.

Fire warden and QRT

Every workplace should have one or more employees to maintain fire safety procedures. There should be a fire warden and a quick response team that should be the fires to response in case of a fire breakout. Moreover, the fire warden should be in charge of checking that everything is maintained in the workplace for fire safety.

In case of a fire emergency, the fire warden and members of the quick response team should help the employees to evacuate safely from the building and communicate with the authorities and external fire fighting services.

Fire detection systems

The fire detection systems are the devices that can detect the presence of smoke and fire and gives a signal in the form of light or sound to inform about the fire. The early detection of fires can save it from spreading and damaging the business assets and harm the employees. The fire detection systems include devices like fire alarms, smoke alarms, etc.

Most small companies do not install the fire detection systems, but they should install them for protection from fires. The systems can even detect the smoke from overheating of appliances that can be turned off at the right time to prevent a fire.

Smoking zone

A fie can break out from a cigarette or lighter. Smoking in the workplace can be hazardous for health and can be the cause of a fire. Most of the reputed organizations have a separate smoking zone away from the working area. The small companies have a lack of space due to which the employees go out for smoking. Every workplace should have strict rules for smoking and if possible have a separate smoking zone.

Fire evacuation routes

The fire evacuation routes can be the difference between life and death in case of fires and emergencies. Also known as emergency exit routes, people don’t use these paths regularly. Most of the employees do not know how to use the fire escape routes.

Therefore, it is essential for every company to offer the employees training to use them in case of a fire. The fire safety officer training Melbourne teaches the employees about how to use the evacuation routes in case of fires and other emergencies.

Emergency lighting

Usually, the electric circuits are affected in case of fires and need to be switched off in case of fires. Therefore, the lights get turned off, and it hampers the visibility inside a building and evacuation routes. The employers can install the emergency lights that work on the inbuilt batteries and do not require electricity. The emergency lights should be installed in the internal spaces and escape routes to offer clear visibility in case of fires and power failure.

Final Words

Fire safety is essential for every organization and workplace whether small or large. Offering fire safety training can allow the employees to maintain a clean and safe environment in workplaces. The fire safety officer training Melbourne recommends maintaining the electric circuits, appliances, escape routes in the organizations. Moreover, having a fire warden and quick response team can enable the workplaces to face the fire like situations. Following the points in this post can help the employers to make their workplace safe from fires.

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