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How To Take the Best Selfie From Android Apps

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If you are not the selfie expert and want to take at least above average selfie image then this article is for you. Because in this article we will be discussing some of the main and important parts that camera capture and rune the photos. Also, we add some official Android app which will help you with how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini. The craziness of people towards selfies is increasing so much that Smartphone manufacture companies launching the phone with the special selfies camera feature during the introduction of the device.

So go straight to the point and apply these tips which can help you to become the expert in a selfie from your current Smartphone.

1#. It is very important that your shows the true color which comes on by “Lighting Everything”. Stand on that area where natural lights come more and take a selfie from the opposite. Example: light comes from the window then stand facing towards the window.

2#. You need to avoid the shadows because when it comes to your face the natural beauty of your face looks like the dark dull face which does not count in the best selfies.

3#. When you are in a dark place like in a club or in the Cinema Theater then you need to use the flash. This will help you to get the real color from the environment catching into the selfie image.

4#. If you want that people like your selfie then you need to give the best smile that looks like you mean it. Most of the people show the smile but the selfie camera captured the real feeling moment on a selfie image.

5#. Never judge your expertise because the smartphone camera is not capable to catch the light of the millions per second but the capability of the smart camera to capture single selfie is very fast. So always take more than 3 selfies same time or more than that to get the perfect shot.

6#. Set the phone with different angles to check before getting the selfie shot.

7#. The smart camera hardware is capable of lots of selfies features but the software of the Smartphone installed stops it. So you can use the other official smartphone selfie apps which allow you more possibilities in selfies topic. We also add some of the best selfie apps in this article which includes the filters, you can check them too.

8#. Never make too much of editing of your original selfies, edit those part which needs to be changed in order to make the best selfie photo.

9#. As per the results of the selfie, most of the selfies are liked because of the attractive background. So if you want the best selfie then check the best selfie background from the Google and you will get the idea of how to maintain background.

10#. Always make your selfie more natural than over thinking it. It is not necessary that you add everything to make the best selfie photo, only you need to add some species in it.

11#. The last thing you need to notice is that most of the people make a mistake when they posted their selfies in a social network as seen in the results. The Cliché selfies are not shows as good image; people laugh at it and never take in sense of good ways, so Avoid Cliché Selfies.

Best Android Selfies Apps In 2019

1#. Sweet Face Camera – live filter, Selfie photo edit

  1. Live sticklers
  2. Beauty camera
  3. Selfie filter
  4. Create funny meme
  5. Custom music video
  6. Particle effect of video
  7. One-touch sharing

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2#. Sweet Selfie – selfie cam, beauty cam, photo edit

  1. Real-time Effects
  2. Awesome Filters
  3. White teeth
  4. Funny Stickers
  5. Stylish college
  6. Change your hairstyle
  7. One touch to share

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3#. BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

  1. Beauty selfie camera
  2. Quick & easy to edit
  3. Funny & cute stickers
  4. Colorful filters
  5. Natural skin tone
  6. Popular makeup

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4#. YouCam Perfect – Best Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

  1. Edit choice for photos more then 1000+ editing tools
  2. Snap selfies which are easy to capture & edit
  3. Edit with effects by apply 200+ effects in real time
  4. Remove objects by erasing in one tap
  5. Create memories with choose collages & frames
  6. Edit with the magic brush that makes art and creative
  7. Add blur effect with highlight or high objects
  8. Decorate photos by using 300+ stickers & text

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5#. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera:

  1. Savvy stickers, share up your routine with new stickers every day.
  2. Real-time effects with a simmer face with perfect and natural skin.
  3. Spot on filters with exclusive filters that make every moment one to remember.
  4. AR emoji is also added where you can turn yourself into fun animation characters.
  5. The custom music video, an array of effects and playback sports to create the perfect music video.

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Final Words:

If you think that you are the best selfie expert or become one of them due to this article then share your experience with any question related to this topic in the comment box.

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