How Will Honda’s Electric Motorcycles Fair?

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Honda surprised riders on March 22 with the launch of its new CR Electric Dirt Bike at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Honda began its venture in electric cars in 1988, but this jump into electric bikes is an innovative step for the automobile powerhouse that’s sure to please bikers looking for an electric ride.

The Bike’s Striking Appearance

Honda wanted its CR Electric Dirt Bike to make a statement, and it did exactly that. The prototype has a sleek design, and the exterior pops with red, white and blue paint, guaranteeing to turn heads when you cruise by. The Dunlop tires, cheap motorcycle tires that riders love for their price and durability, can conquer any surface and provide a safe, steady ride wherever you venture.

Just judging by its appearance, it’s clear that the CR Electric Dirt Bike’s popularity is going to skyrocket when it arrives on the market.

Technical Details

The CR Electric Dirt Bike uses some of the finest motorcycle parts online. Because of its aluminum twin-spar frame and the beam that surrounds the motor, it shares a resemblance with the Honda CRF250 and CRF450. The bike gets its power from a Maxwell lithium-ion battery, and M-TEC created the motor.

Even though this information alone already points to an excellent bike, Honda has unfortunately kept the other technical details a secret. Continue watching for those to be released at a later date!

Test Ride

MFJ All-Japan Motocross Championship videos on the internet of a biker taking the CR Electric on a test ride before the first round.  The rider took it around the dirt track, and the ride appeared to be smooth and secure with nice speed. The calm whirring of the motor was a change from a typical motorcycle engine, but it still provided the power that you would expect from a top-notch motorcycle.

Benefits of Electric Bikes

Honda’s CR Electric Dirt Bike already has thousands of fans eagerly waiting for its arrival on the market, which is no surprise given the following benefits of electric motorcycles:

  • Save on gas money. The cost of using electricity to charge your bike is far less than the hundreds of dollars you’d spend at the pump each year with a traditional bike. On average, for a 100-mile trip, you’ll pay just two dollars to charge your electric bike compared to the almost nine dollars you’d spend to gas up a non-electric bike.
  • Going faster. Electric bikes have the torque that is greater and takes effect sooner than bikes with internal combustion engines, meaning you can accelerate much quicker from a standstill.
  • Less time spends and money on maintenance. Electric bikes are easy to maintain. Regularly inspect your brakes and tires, and you’re good to go. Gas-powered bikes, on the other hand, require you to change the air filter and oil and fine-tune the throttle bodies and valves, and that’s just the beginning.

The CR Electric Dirt Bike isn’t on the market yet, but you can still buy the high-quality Honda OEM parts that you know and trust. To learn more and place your order, contact one of the motorcycle experts today.

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