Improve Mobile App Marketing Tips Within Your Budget

Improve Mobile App Marketing | Tips Within Your Budget

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Do you think creating a mobile app and simply putting it up on application store is enough? Certainly not! There is a lot you have to do to make it success.

While creating a mobile application to engage customers towards your services/app features requires dedication and efforts, promoting that app and acquiring some loyal customers within a limited budget  is even tougher. As per the recent statistics, there are around 2 million applications on Apple’s app store and 2.6 million on Google’s pays store. Do you really feel that your created app will be able to survive in such rapidly emerging apps if you do not work on its marketing with every passing day.

For instance, there are millions of students who struggle through writing an essay or thesis for their university or college. Those who approach British essay writers might not go through the pain for producing a write-up that not only demonstrate their writing skills but also able to convince the reader, whereas those who choose to right there essays on their own often look for help through writing applications. If the app development companies do not meet the changing requirements of each student and are inefficient to promote and make their services visible, they might fail to acquire their target audience’s attention.

Since the number of mobile applications on app store is increasing day by day, every app development company have to work on their app marketing strategies to stand apart from the rest in the market. Only then they will be able to attract and engage customer towards their business.

You might search for one specific app and you find list of applications of similar interest – that’s where your mobile app marketing will help. Let us  take a look at some of the amazing mobile app marketing tips that not only ensures user’s attention but also greater number of downloads by customers while staying in your budget limits.

1.     Pre-Launch Marketing

As soon as you are done with the basic and idea of your application, make sure you start pre-launch marketing of your  application long before.

  • Who are your targeted app users?
  • What do they want from your application?
  • How can you engage your audience towards your app?

Invest some time in figuring out these concerns and then take initiatives to start your application visibility through different tactics.

You can incentivize your customers on first come first serve of offer free and special featured subscription for a limited time so that you can acquire as many customers to install your application. Make your customers wait anxiously about your application by releasing teasers and sneak peek into your application.

2.     Start Blogging

Once you have launched your application regularly, start blogging and keep sharing information regularly so that existing customers can be updated and the new ones can be updated. These blogs will be posted on your websites so that more people can also go through your websites and study the services and solutions your app provides to them.

The blogs can include information like:

  • Sharing of your experiences while creating the app
  • How your app can resolve number of customer queries
  • Trending news and upcoming technology advancements in market

Make sure that the blog content is effective and engaging and you apply proper optimization to reach out to more and more potential customers towards your services.

3.     Social Media Marketing

One of the most effective tools to promote your application is through social media marketing more specifically Facebook advertisement tool. In addition to reaching out to large number of potential and targeted customers, Facebook advertisement allows the app development companies to increase the number of downloads and overall business to greater extent.

With the help of number of social media marketing ad campaigns, mobile app marketers can work efficiently on improving the number of users and potential customers towards your app. High resolution images, URL posts and tools like power editor can help you with effective advertising campaign.

4.     App Store Optimization – ASO

Just like SEO (search engine optimization) helps in enhancing the website ranking, App store optimization helps in prioritizing certain applications and rank them higher when search on app store.  If you want to determine which keywords or phrases are more searched regarding your related application, you can make use of Google’s Adword Keyword Tool to get some amazing responses.

5.     Collect Mobile App Reviews

Reviews are considered to be most authentic and highly recommended way to invite potential customers towards your services. Once you have launched your application and you have acquired enough customers who are successfully using it, it is time to gather reviews for your application.

The positive reviews can be published on your website that will help more people to trust on your application which in turn will convince more people to download it. Now the way you collect reviews from your customer also matters a lot! Incentivize them, offer them extended subscription or free credits upon writing a review for your application or rating it.

6.     Video Marketing

Videos are another most powerful way to make the customer engaged and attracted towards your services. When it comes to mobile app marketing, marketers can create engaging, emotional, or viral among your users.

Make sure that your video contains

  • Elements that promotes your brand effectively
  • Invoke emotions within your viewers
  • A focused and clear goal and objective

While creating a video for your app, be careful about the message you are conveying and the sounds you have put as majority of the users view them on their mobile devices and they do not always have quite places around. Make sure that the message is clearly delivered even if the sounds are off.

With the help of implementing these 6 best tips to make your mobile application marketing successful, marketers can acquire great outcome in terms of greater no of app downloads and increased users. Not only this, all these tactics are effective even of your budget is constrained and you want to spend it modestly.

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