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Kudos to Live a Buffer Free Life


It is a known fact that in less than a decade internet had changed the face of the earth, and now rapidly with each day passing people can getting increasingly dependent on its usage. Business firms have started online marketing to gain broader access which can be guaranteed through the easy access to the internet provided by smartphones. Everything is basically just a click away. Internet surfing is now classified as a legit hobby and the various social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat etc. as the base of it. There are many memes and jokes about getting dragged into the black hole of Youtube where people get stuck and watch one video after another. It is addictive, and the free access to it opens up a whole new level of curiosity towards the world as undiscovered by the individual which can be quenched via the internet.

The buffering of videos right before one reaches the video they had been waiting for can get very annoying. No matter what any internet providing company may say, internet connectivity is not constant and fluctuates depending on the individual’s location and the strength of the network signals. But it does get tiresome when the video takes an estimated span of 15 seconds or more to buffer 3 seconds of the video one seeks to watch. Vidmate App download is a way out of this. Sure, there are numerous sites to streamline and host videos such as Dailymotion, Vine, Metacafe and so on, but they only function with good network connectivity. Vidmate, on the other hand, downloads videos that one desires to watch for later so that their clients experience a steady and smooth watching of their favourite videos even in the most remote corners of the world.  It is free of cost and is available to anyone with an android phone, its apk version can also be found on any search engine like Google.

Vidmate is very easy to use and customer friendly in its setting. Taking their clients consideration in point, it allows the users to decide in which resolution they want their video downloaded, ranging from 360 pixels to 1080 pixels. The format or extension in which the consumer wants their video downloaded is also customized. Multiple files downloading from varying websites simultaneously is another feature which makes this app commendable by all its users.  Vidmate App download has provided their consumers with a latest version of their original app in the year 2019 which gives the consumers a chance to download their favourite videos in a secure and safe manner so that it does not harm their phones, allows them to download any video from any website link and provides them with a better downloading speed. The latest version of the app gives its users a more related experience as it saves their phone from harsh malware files which drown the performance ability of their phones and consequently, opening up a newer and wider spectrum of sites and platforms to watch and download videos from.

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