Quick fix plus synthetic urine - pass drug test

Need To Pass A Drug Test? Here’s How

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Drug tests are very common these days. Especially with the number of drugs on the market and the number of people using them, it comes to no surprise that the number of drug tests are also steadily increasing. The answer to all your problems can be found as quick fix plus synthetic urine. Yes, you heard that right, synthetic urine. You might think this is some idea that someone saw in a movie and is writing about, but it is an actual product that is available on the market. Imagine a situation like this. You just got news that you got hired for the dream job that you have always wanted. The job pays very highly and you are extremely happy. So, you do what everyone on this earth would do, you celebrate. You plan an elaborate part, you invite all your friends, many people who you want to piss off by bragging about your new job offer and such. Now, as it is a crazy and wild party, there are bound to be some or the other form of drugs that present there. Maybe some of your friends coerced you into using a little or maybe you were super drunk and you just sniffed a little. Whatever may be the reason, you did dome drugs and that’s what most people do in parties anyway. Now, the next morning, you are super hung over and receive an email from your new company that you are to take a mandatory drug test the next day. Your life drains out of you because you know that there is no way on earth you would pass this test, well, actually there is, and it is called quick fix synthetic urine.

Quick fix plus synthetic urine - pass drug test
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Though it might sound like a prank, it definitely is not. Psst, you can also use this to play pranks on your friends! Synthetic urine is just like real urine. It contains all the ammonia, the water and all the other minerals that your body usually throws out in the form of urine. You will definitely not be able to tell the difference between real and quick fix urine. It is made so well that it will definitely fool your company’s routine urine tests and land you that job that you actually deserve. Urine is not something that has a biological fingerprint. Meaning it is not unique and does not contain things like DNA or anything that can ever be used to identify you and that Is why people are crazy over the synthetic urine idea. Your company’s doctors or pathologists will not know that it isn’t your urine because the quick fix plus is made so well. It has been developed by leading scientists in the field of diagnostic science. This means that when diagnostician is looking at the sample that you have provided for a drug test, they can not possibly find out that it is synthetic urine that you have given them and not your own.

Now, all this sounds great. You might be thinking how on earth am I going to take this urine to the workplace? Well, it is easy. The synthetic urine comes in a completely air tight bottle that has been sanitized so that you can carry it without any worries. The urine is synthetic, meaning that it obviously does not contain any viruses or disease-causing bacteria, so you do not have to worry about that either. All you have to do is heat up the bottle a bit. Why you ask? Well, the urine that naturally comes out of your body is warm, that’s because the body’s core temperature is higher than the surrounding temperature so that the urine that is expelled is relatively hotter than when compares to normal tap water. The bottle that the synthetic urine arrives is in microwave safe meaning you can put it in for a few seconds to make it warm and the pour it into the sample cup that the pathologist in the office has provided you with. If the situation is in such a way that you have someone that will be supervising you in the washroom as you fill the sample cup, there are many devices that are available in the market that will help you conceal the synthetic urine and then expel it in the washroom. Be sure to give the sample cup a little shake so that the synthetic urine can cause the formation of little bubbles that makes your urine look very real. In fact, it also smells like the real thing because of the added urea. This is done so that the synthetic urine’s authenticity will never be questioned. Who will think anything if your sample smells like actual urine? The product is tested in many labs and has passed the urine tests every single time, so you have nothing to worry about.

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