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Packing Tips for Shifting To a New House

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Relocating to a new place is stressful as you need to do a lot of work and disturb your daily schedule. There are plenty of activities, and every task takes time. Moreover, families need to plan a lot to decide the right time for every job involved in the process of relocating.

Packing takes most of the time in the process of relocating. No matter how much time you invest in the packing, some things are always left for the moving day.

It needs planning and regularity for packing all your stuff at the right time. This post shares some useful tips on packing that every family must know for home shifting.

Start Early

As packing is an activity that takes most of the time in the home shifting process. Therefore, it is essential to start packing as early as possible. The early you start, the more time you get for packing. If you have a large home with a lot of stuff to pack, it is best to begin two months before the moving day. The families with an average size of house can start it a month before the move.

The least used items

Every house has some items that its members rarely use. You should start packing such things that you don’t use regularly. You can pack the items such a Christmas lights, coats and garden tools that you don’t need to use till the moving day.

Declutter the home

Decluttering means removing the items not required at the new place. There are some items in every home that the family members don’t want to use. Removing such items will decrease the amount of stuff that needs to be packed and transferred to the new home.

The best way to remove such items is to sell them or donate them in charity. You can sell them on the online marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay.

One room at a time

Don’t make the mistake of packing the stuff of all the rooms together. Pick the items of a single room for packing and don’t start with another room until you complete packing the items of the first. Packing the items of one room at a time will protect you from getting stressed.

Pack category wise

To make the process of packing easier, you can make the categories and pack the stuff category wise. Categorizing the items will help you scrutinize the stuff and pack them easily. For example, you can create different categories like clothes, shoes, electronics, carpets, etc. Use different packing boxes for every category. You can use multiple packing-boxes for the stuff that is large in quantity like clothes.

Label the boxes

Labeling the boxes is an essential task to keep the things organized. Label the boxes with the name and category of the items, so that you can find the things easily after arriving at your new home. For example, label the boxes as kitchen, bedroom, clothes, shoes, study room and store room, etc.

Labeling the boxes will let you know which box to open while looking for an item at your new home. You don’t need to open multiple boxes to find a single item.

Take care of the fragile items

The fragile items need extreme care while packing as they can break from impact while transferring. Pack them with proper cushioning using the paper, foam or bubble sheet. Cushioning helps protect the fragile items from damage while handling and transporting in the truck. Pack the items like paintings, glassware, pottery and electronics with proper cushioning for protection from damage.

Put heavy items at the bottom

Whole packing a box, make sure you place heavy items at the bottom and lighter elements at the top. It will protect the lighter items from damage. Also, put the boxes with heavy things at the base of the truck and lighter boxes on the top. It will protect the light boxes from being crushed due to the weight of heavy boxes.

Pack an essentials box

Every family must pack an essentials box containing all the items they need immediately after arriving at their new house. Pack things such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, some plates, bowls, glasses, hand sanitizer, soaps, towels and bathroom slippers. These are the items that people need as soon as they arrive at their new home.

Final Words

These are some useful packing tips for moving to a new home. You need to start packing as early as possible and get some good-quality boxes like the packing boxes Cairns. Finding a good removalist company also requires time.

Starting the packing early also offer you time to research for a reputed removalist that offers high-quality services at reasonable prices. Packing some items daily will not stress you to pack everything in a week and make your move smooth and convenient.

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