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Can Protection Glasses Shield Your Eyes 100% from any Harm?

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Every morning our day starts with checking out messages, feeds, news, etc. When you step out for work, the eyes battles with the harsh sun rays, pollution, dust and fog.  After landing at the workplace, the beaming colours of laptop keeps you hooked for another 10 hours. Once again back home, eyes are either staring at the television screen, playstation or may be working to meet the next day’s deadline at work.  And do you read books or ebooks at bedtime or watch streaming videos? Actually, we do not spare a single moment to give the much-wanted rest to the eyes except while sleeping. 

Since our delicate eyes are working non-stop day and night, they not only need rest but also require protection. Yes, protection from digital blue light, UV rays, glares, heat, dust, pollution, reflections, etc. Let’s take a dig into the protection glasses necessary for eyes in this technology-driven world.


As the name suggests, protection glasses are meant to secure eyes from harmful elements that can range from foreign particles to harmful rays. Protection glasses can be worn as a part of our daily routine, it does not matter if they are prescription glasses or non-prescription glasses.  Some of the widely used protection glasses are as under:


Reflections are generated when the light rays fall on any surface and bounce back to make reflections or the blinding glares. These glares hamper the vision especially while driving when they are reflected from other vehicles, or from the highway roads, water, snow.  Continuously watching glares can cause headache and pain in the eyes. Thus, covering eyes with anti-reflective coating can help in the long run by providing complete protection from glares. The anti-reflective coating glasses also called anti-glare or night driving glasses consists of a thin coating on the lenses that can block glares from entering the eyes.

Anti Glare Protection lenses


Do you know digital devices such as laptops, computers, smartphones, television, tablet etc. reflect blue light rays that are harmful to eyes in the long run? In fact, the blue light is present everywhere, as it is produced not only by digital screens but also naturally by the sun. Although the degree of blue light presented by the sun is minute and healthy because it keeps us awake. But the blue light reflected by the screen devices can cause insomnia, headache, eye pain, strained eyes, digital migraine and retinal damage. To counter with the blue light ray, eyeglasses with the advanced coating is helpful in safeguarding the eyes. Blue light glasses or computer glasses with or without prescription should be worn while using digital screen devices.

blue light protection lenses


Sun rays bring damaging UltraViolet rays with themselves which can cause headache, macular degeneration, migraine, cataract, and retinal damage. Therefore, glasses and sunglasses with anti-UV coating can alter the effect of UV rays by blocking them 100%.



Buy any of the above protection lenses with your favourite style fashion glasses at Specscart – a renowned and trusted name in the eyewear industry for men and women.  The UK based Specscart, offers affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses in various designs and branded collection with enhanced visual clarity.  To promote eyewear as a protection glasses, every eyewear at Specscart is already loaded with anti-UV, anti-glare, scratch resistance and impact resistance features. The blue light glasses by Specscartt can block 100% blue light from entering the eyes. Irrespective of the prescription, the customised glasses come with same-day delivery options. Alternatively, reglaze glasses with new lenses in old frames is a good option. Every eyewear is nothing less than a piece of any statement accessory.

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