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Scope of MA in Mass Communication in Print and Electronic Media

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Arnab hitting the screen of ‘silver platter’ and screaming ‘the nation wants to know’ or Rajat Sharma interviewing the celebrities to discuss the allegations on them- do such scenes fascinate you to nurture your career in the field of electronic media? Or the newspaper/ magazine columnists like Shashi Shekhar or Ramchandra Guha inspire you with the spark of their pens to plan your career in print media? The question arises how to emerge as a prolific media personnel. Course which can help you mark your footprints in the arena of media industry is MA in Mass Communication. It’s a 2-year full-time postgraduate programme which opens up multiple career avenues for you in print and electronic media. Let’s discuss the opportunities after completing post-graduation in mass communication.

News Reporter

Do you have a nose for news? Is it like that your natural instincts ask you to know about the random matters taking place within your vicinity? An affirmative nod to these questions is signaling you to become a news reporter in print or electronic media. But not just these traits, also your need a degree like MA in Mass Communication or equivalent to become eligible for the position of news reporter.     

Desk Reporters

The job profile of a desk reporter involves gathering the news from different sources like wires, news agencies, correspondents, etc. and structuring the information into an interesting news story. Print as well as electronic media houses need desk reporters to handle the in-house operations of news production. Qualification in mass communication is mandatory for this position.

Newspaper/ Magazine Columnists

Writing skills that can engage the readers can win you the champion’s laurels as a newspaper or magazine columnist. You can start writing on any beat like political, economy-related, sports, lifestyle, etc. and cater your articles to the people who have a fad about reading. But a mass communication degree like MA in Mass Communication is needed to testify your skills.   

News Anchor

Most of the mass communication students pursue this form of education to become a news anchor as they find this job which can earn them fame and bread & butter. Sudhir Chaudhry, Arnab Goswami, Rajat Sharma, and many more have become the icons among youth. A degree in masscommjunication from a reputed college can make your way easy to become a news anchor.


 The role of cameraman can’t be neglected either in print or electronic media. A college like Doon Business School, which is the most renowned mass communication colleges in Dehradun, offers the camera handling in the mass communication course module. A person with amazing skills of playing through the lenses can progress in leaps and bounds as a cameraman.


The students who are enthusiastic for nurturing their career in film or media production can also gain the skills like production, editing, etc. while pursuing mass communication course. As far as the growth is concerned, there is a sea of opportunities with the chances of limitless growth. This is all about the scope of mass communication in print as well as electronic media. If you are looking to earn education in mass communication then MA in Mass Communication is the right course for you.

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