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See The Remodeling of These 5 Small Bathrooms

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Because a layer of paint, changing objects or improvement of lighting can create true miracles. Here we show you the rebuilding of 5 small bathroom remodeling that asked for a new life. From the fastest renovations and with a little budget to others deeper and more expensive. All worthy changes to look at in this post. See how you get more than one idea!

1. Wash a deep face

Apart from the floor, which was previously remodeled thanks to the installation of a self-adhesive vinyl, this bathroom looked like the “eighties” of many of its times. Small dark tiles, a standing sink, outdated furniture and even a washing machine as the absolute protagonist. Despite being an outdoor bathroom with excellent natural lighting, I quickly needed a change.

How did they solve it?

Basically, the washing machine removes from this place and paints the tiles with special paint. A new vanity unit, industrial style, along with a sink on the deck, stands out in the new bathroom remodeling. In addition, a much more current key was installed along with other decorative details that always add. It is a wise choice to dispense with the classic shower curtain in favor of a screen with hinged opening, chrome profile and transparent glass. Best of all, this radical change only took a few days. They won in many ways, but especially in one: light!

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2. all in all black and white

This is the example of a very old-fashioned “smoke” bathroom that sought to be a glamorous environment. The structure was correct, like its distribution. But their materials and colors seemed very common and too soft to respond to a teen’s needs. Looking at the collection of nail polish or the dirty look of the furniture? Wait and see the incredible change below. The bathroom is not recognizable.

What did you do?

In fact, much, but less than you imagine. The entire lining of the tub area was maintained, but the rest of the walls were painted or covered with wallpaper to enhance their appearance. The toilet furniture is the same, but with a new quartz cover with integrated sinks and a layer of black paint to create a contrast to the environment. New buttons and taps and go! No one would say that it is the same piece of furniture. The large mirror was replaced by an even more modern circular, accompanied by a couple of spotlights. If you are aware, you will see some of the new floor that has also been refurbished thanks to a hexagonal porcelain. Some flowers, new soap dishes and 3 paintings. From the vapors to the absolutely elegant!

3. Purpose: A bathroom of the 21st century.

The entire bathroom had a rational distribution that did not require changing drains or water intakes. But it seemed to be rooted at another time because of its pink tiles (the picture is black and white, but believe me it was pink) or the built-in bathtub that is characteristic of the 90s.

What was remodeling?

We could have done this post with only pictures of this bathroom because the change is simply spectacular. By keeping the same toilet furniture, it was painted in a dark tone, the handles were renovated and a thick marble cover was added. For the floor, the old 20 × 20 tiles were replaced by new rectangular and thin white (a mighty effect but with an impeccable result). And to complete the conversion, they eliminated the pink marble bathtub to install another exempt. Who can resist a bath like this?

4. from the old bathroom to the bathroom magazine.

The problem with this bathroom, except for its obsolete look and sloping and complicated roof, was the lack of a good storage system. Being the only bathroom in the family and not having furniture to store dozens of cleaners, they accumulated everywhere, giving a feeling of suffering and chaos.

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How have you achieved such a “radical” change?

First, remove the bathtub and cover the entire area exposed to the water with a larger white tile. New plaster was applied to the walls along with white paint for the tiles that were preserved. The old floor was replaced by another dark gray. In terms of storage, a new toilet piece with a larger surface, white and flown the entire order. Now it is still small, but much more attractive to look at. The plants, bath tub or basket basket provide warmth.

5. A challenge of 3 square meters.

They had the installation of plumbing and electricity. But there were no sinks, weeks or anything that would make you think you could create a full bathroom remodeling here. A square of only 3 meters, which was used as warehouse for the day to give it shape. The change was made to wait, but it was worth it…

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