Seven Italian Cakes You Must Try

Seven Italian Cakes You Must Try

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Just like pizza and pasta, classical Italian cakes and desserts are also well known around the world. Italian cakes, desserts, pizzas, pasta and other dishes come from 20 regions of the country. So, there is a history and cultural significance of each Italian cake and other dishes. There are a lot of facts associated with pandoro Italian cake, panettone chocolate chiostro di saronno and other dishes from these regions.

Now, let’s don’t make it a boring history lesson. You are here for a list of the best Italian cakes you can bake at home. So, here are the seven tasty treats you will love to enjoy:

Baba pr Babba

Known by the name of the Neapolitan Baba, this Italian cake is the descendant of babka ponczowa. The meaning of the word Babba is grandmother or old woman. This cake from Naples can be recognized with its distinctive mushroom shape. You can find this in every pastry shop in the country. This cake with a spongy texture is soaked in rum. The Neapolitan Baba is great for after dinner or breakfast. People in the region use a common phrase for the cake “si nu babba” which means “you are delicious”.

Pandora Veronese

The word pandoro comes from ‘pan d’oro’ which means golden bread. This cake is made with butter, eggs, and honey or sugar. You can also call it the Italian Christmas cake. Pandoro Veronese has a craggy mountain-like shape with snow-white confectioners sugar on the top. Pandoro Italian cake is not easy to make. You can buy this cake online.

Cassata Alla Siciliana

This is one of the first cheesecakes of the world. Some people say that the word siciliana is derived from ‘caseus’, a Latin word which means cheese. Some people claim that it is derived from an Arabic word qas’ah. Fresh sheep’s milk ricotta is one of the main ingredients in this dish. However, cow’s milk ricotta can also be used. This light cake is easy to digest. Cassata Alla Siciliana is very common in the areas of Sicily.


The word panettone means big loaf. It is a tall cake, just like pandoro. Yeast is used to raising the dough in both cakes. This traditional Christmas-time cake is also difficult to make. If you have enough time, you can try the Panettone recipe at home.

Millefoglie or Mille-Feuille Napolean

The meaning of the name of this cake is ‘a thousand leaves’. This cake is known as Napolean millefoglie because it gained popularity when emperor Napolean I was the ruler of France. This airy cake is the perfect birthday cake.     

Dolce Alla Napoletana

Italians eat this sweet layer cake to celebrate Ferragosto. This cake can be filled with cream or fruit preserves.

Schiacciata Alla Fiorentina 

The meaning of Schiacciata Alla Fiorentina is “white flatbread cake”. Italians eat this cake during the carnival time. You can make this amazingly tasty cake at home.

There are many Italian cake recipes you can try at home. You can also buy Pandoro Italian cake and other Italian cakes online.  

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