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The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Business Phone System

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Traditional phone systems are gradually being replaced with modern cloud-based phone systems that remove the problems (and even the physical phone lines) that plague traditional phone systems. By transferring to a cloud-based business phone system, all business calls are made over the internet using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. There are a large number of advantages businesses are seeing with VoIP and we’ll cover some of the main benefits of making the switch to a cloud-based business phone system.


A cloud-based phone system allows staff to answer phone calls no matter their location from a variety of different devices including their mobile phones and tablets. An additional benefit is that staff can receive and make calls from their devices without the need to use their personal mobile number or an alternative number. This also maintains a professional image to customers and clients as staff can still operate from a business number while out on the road.

Better Interaction with Customers

Using a cloud-based business phone system provides features such as a VR (Virtual Receptionist). This allows businesses to easily and quickly navigate calls throughout their departments. For example, staff have the ability to set certain parameters for after hours and daytime calling, direct customers to the right department (without the risk of an incorrect transfer due to human error), create a phone menu with as many Virtual Receptionists as they wish, and more. Staff can also better interact with their customers by setting up particular holiday and personal greetings, customise their on-hold messaging, inform customers of special offers or discounts, or even explore frequently asked questions or troubleshooting tips while they are on hold.

High Return on Investment

Implementing a cloud-based business phone system can not only be cost-efficient but also provide a high ROI (Return on Investment). Switching from a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system to a cloud-based phone system is more affordable than many businesses realise due to factors such as all costs being combined into a single monthly fee, long distance charges are much cheaper (due to a VoIP system using the internet instead of phone lines), a reduced need for IT support, no installation requirements or fees, and much more.

No Maintenance

Traditional phone systems require external contractors or certified/trained employees to maintain and manage the business’s phone system. This can lead to increased costs and limitations such as disruptive updates and maintenance requirements. A cloud-based business phone system has the system hardware hosted off-site, meaning there are no additional fees such as regular and expensive maintenance and IT costs.

Agility and Growth

Businesses will often have variability in staff levels – such as a need to expand due to growth, or the need to scale down in quieter periods, depending on their industry. A cloud-based business phone system is based on a per-user monthly fee (as-a-service model) so it can evolve with the business. You can quickly and easily set up additional users during busier periods and deactivate users when no longer needed.

Search online for a cloud-based business phone system provider today and transform the way your business communicates with its customers and staff.

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